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December 2022

Best Online Checking Accounts

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Online banking improves the efficiency of a wide variety of banking functions immeasurably, are you feeling ready to open your account?
Easily compare comprehensive reviews of online checking accounts and choose the one that is right for you.

Online Checking Accounts Explained

With the development of the internet and technology, online banking has become more and more popular. It provides a great level of flexibility to people when it comes to managing their finances.

One of the fundamental types of bank accounts that people use online will be checking accounts. These are the most convenient ways to conduct everyday transactions. With these types of accounts, you will normally get access to a debit card and sometimes a checkbook if needed.

While most checking accounts won’t allow you to earn interest on your balances, there will be a handful that does offer this option. Some banks even offer you welcome bonuses worth a few hundred dollars when you sign up for certain checking accounts online.

Other perks associated with checking accounts often include no ATM fees or an absence of charges on wire transfers. This article will look at all of the core aspects of online checking accounts.

Recommended Online Checking Account Providers

Can I open a checking account online?

These days, you no longer have to visit a physical bank branch in order to set up an account. While some people still prefer a more personal approach to their banking, the majority of people are now moving towards online options.

This transition has only been sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic where in-person banking was actively discouraged. Many banks have even moved towards a business model that is much less focused on physical branches, with some focus completely on their online operations.

To open a checking account online, the process is fairly straightforward. After considering the different banks and you have chosen one of their available checking account options, you can start the registration process. This usually just entails you providing all of the common types of information that a bank might need when opening an account, such as a full address, Social Security number, and employment status.

You will submit this information through an online form and receive an email after you have submitted the application. The bank will then contact you to inform you of the account approval. You can then get started by adding funds to your account, with your new debit card getting sent out in the email.

What are the different types of online checking accounts?

Most banks these days will have many different types of checking accounts for people to choose from. Each will have its own perks and will be tailored towards a particular type of market. Here is a look at some of the more standout categories of online checking accounts:

Traditional Checking Account 

This will be the standard type of checking account that most people will already be familiar with. It gives you the option to use a debit card to make payment and withdraw from ATMs, as well as giving you the option to write checks.

You will be able to access this account online and manage your banking needs. You can set up everything from direct deposits to signing up for other types of accounts through the online banking hub.

Premium Checking Account

The premium checking account options will usually be worth those people who will be dealing with large sums of money. This will qualify them to receive more exclusive attention from the given bank.

This could be the form of special rewards, features, and bonuses. In return, a higher monthly fee is often in place. Some examples of possible premium perks include the earning of air miles and earning interest on your account balance.

Interest-Building Checking Account

You will come across some checking accounts that allow you to earn interest on your account balance. The APY will vary and usually will not be very significant when compared to other interest-bearing bank accounts. If you want to have your checking account balance earning money for you, then this might be a desirable option for you.

Rewards Checking Account

Some checking accounts will be tailored towards rewarding the user for their activity. This includes providing debit cards that will earn you cash back up to a certain sum of purchases every month. These types of accounts can be a useful way to get the most out of your purchases if these types of rewards make sense to your situation.

Student Checking Account 

Most banks will offer some sort of checking account that is tailored towards students. It will usually carry no monthly account fees and will have special offers. It can be a useful way for a student to get started in the world of banking, with sign-up bonuses, overdraft grace periods, and zero ATM fees all being commonplace with these account types.

Pros & Cons of using an online checking account?

These days, everyone really will need to have some sort of checking account. With society moving away from a cash-based system and more towards the use of cashless payment options, checking accounts are pretty important.

They allow you to get your hands on a debit card, as well as being able to access your bank information in real-time, no matter what time of the day it might be. Therefore, you can always be aware of the money that is coming in and going out of your account thanks to online banking.

You can quickly set up a savings account and link them to your checking accounts, setting automatic transfers on a regular basis. Matters that would historically take many hours out of your day to do through physical banking can now be done in a matter of minutes through online banking. Therefore, online banking provides you with a huge amount of flexibility, awareness, and control over your finances.

There are very few drawbacks associated with online banking. Certain people might prefer dealing with a person in real-life when it comes to banking. This includes people who might not be very tech-savvy and are not too confident when it comes to using the internet.

Choosing the right type of online checking account

There are tons of different banks that offer online checking accounts. Naturally, you will want to only look at the tried-and-tested options that you know are safe and have a good reputation. There are many useful reviews that can help you narrow down the different options.

Most importantly, you want to check to see what security and protection protocols are in place for your money with a given bank. This includes making sure that a bank has FDIC insurance that covers your balances up to a certain amount. You also want to be satisfied that a given bank has proper security protocols in place that will protect your account, as well as any other sensitive data.

To get started with this selection process, you should have a look at the reviews on LendStart. These will give you a comprehensive insight into the best options on the market today. Therefore, you can save yourself time and easily find a great option for your particular needs.


Online banking is only going to become more prevalent as time goes on. It is a must more efficient way to manage your finances, allowing you to have ultimate flexibility. No matter where in the world you might be, you can access your bank accounts. To get started with an online checking account today, head on over to LendStart to see the reviews of the best options on the market.