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Home Equity Quiz Reviews


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Written by David Bufton

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Home Equity Quiz Mortgages Review

Home Equity Quiz’s online marketplace offers users a quick and straightforward option to compare mortgages from various lenders. The website is purposely kept as a no-frills, basic site to give users the fastest and simplest way to see mortgage options available from hundreds of lenders. The website offers no further functionality and has limited options available, but it can give users a great indication of what is available in the market.

Home Equity Quiz is simply a marketplace and not a direct lender, so there is very limited information available on the site. Information on mortgage terms, such as APRs and term length, will be available after the application process and once you’ve moved on to the individual lender that offers the rates you are interested in. Thankfully, the application process is so quick with Home Equity Quiz that this really doesn’t feel like a hardship.

Home Equity Quiz Mortgages Highlight


Min Credit Score

10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 years

Repayment terms


Soft Credit Pull


Lender Type


Underwriting Fee


Other Fees


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Pros & Cons

  • con-icon Over 200 lending partners
  • con-icon A variety of home loan types
  • con-icon Fast, intuitive, detailed questionnaire
  • con-icon No loan fee information
  • con-icon Doesn’t always find you a loan

Mortgage Type

  • Mortgage Purchase
  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Fixed
  • FHA
  • VA

Home Equity Quiz Mortgages Terms & Requirements

Home Equity Quiz is a marketplace service that represents hundreds of different mortgage providers across the United States. Lenders represented range from some of the biggest companies in the US (such as Rocket Loans) to much smaller financial institutions.

While this is great for indicating the range of mortgage products available, it means that Home Equity Quiz can’t give an indication of the loan terms and requirements. This is because terms and conditions vary from company to company. Therefore, Home Equity Quiz can’t list all of the requirements on its site as the requirements will vary between direct lenders. However, the following criteria will be consistent across all lenders:

  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • You must be able to display a consistent income stream
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have a credit score of 620 or more (may vary by direct lender).

APRs and loan terms are not published on the Home Equity Quiz site, so you will have to go through the application process to obtain this information.

How to Apply

The Home Equity Quiz website makes it very easy to complete the application process. To start, we visited the Home Equity Quiz homepage and selected the “Purchase Home” option.

The process is simple to navigate through, with many sections being multiple choice, as shown below.

After selecting our home type, we had to enter our estimated credit score, if we had found a home yet, and how soon we planned to buy it. This stage was followed by further questions on the type of property that we wanted to buy. There is also a helpful progress bar during the application that makes it easy to monitor your progress while completing the application.

We had to provide the estimated value of the property, how much of a down payment we could put towards the purchase, and if we wanted a fixed or adjustable mortgage. We then selected that we had never been declared bankrupt, could verify our income, and had not been late on any scheduled payments in the past year.

After stating that no one in our household had served in the US military, we entered our current address and ZIP code. Doing so took us to the final input screen.

This stage presented the two most suitable offers for our needs, with other offers also available. However, there were still no APRs or loan terms available at this stage, and we needed to go into the direct lender’s website to start that process again.

Nonetheless, it was very straightforward to complete the Home Equity Quiz application. However, we feel the exercise would be much more helpful if APRs and loan terms could be displayed at the end of the process without having to apply a second time with the direct lender.

Qualification Requirements

Home Equity Quiz is a marketplace, so the qualification requirements can vary from lender to lender. As an indication, the following requirements apply:

  • A minimum credit score of 620
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • 18 years of age or older
  • The ability to prove a verifiable income stream

Required Information

You will need to provide the following information to complete the online application with Home Equity Quiz:

  • Details of the house that you’d like to purchase
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number

Application Steps & Time Frames

It took us less than five minutes to complete the application process with Home Equity Quiz. After identifying a direct lender suitable to our needs, the onward application process took longer, but the interactions with Home Equity Quiz were still quick and easy.

State Availability

- Available in all states

Written by David Bufton

After graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in accounting, David went on to become a fully certified accountant. Since then, he has amassed years of experience working in and writing for various sectors, including finance, gaming, and telecommunications. Now, he uses his extensive experience and knowledge in business and finance to deliver top-quality content.



Is Home Equity Quiz a direct lender?

No, Home Equity Quiz is not a lender or a broker. It is a marketplace that shows a comparison of the different mortgages that are available.

What APR ranges are shown on Home Equity Quiz?

Home Equity Quiz does not display the range of APRs available until you have completed the application process. Thankfully, this process is quick to navigate.

What credit score do I need for a mortgage through Home Equity Quiz?

It depends on the direct lender, but as a general rule, you’ll need a credit score greater than 620.

Customer Support

Customer service available from Home Equity Quiz is limited. However, this is to be expected, given that it operates as a marketplace only – not as a broker or lender. You can reach the Home Equity Quiz customer service team via an online form under the “General Feedback”, “Problems with the Website”, or “Other Questions or Comments” categories.

We wanted to test the speed of the customer service and asked a question about fees charged by lender partners. We received a response to our query within two hours, which is relatively quick for a marketplace. However, detailed answers to any questions will need to come from the lender partner, not Home Equity Quiz.

Privacy & Security

Home Equity Quiz uses Secure Rights (a third-party verification service that fights fraud and protects consumer privacy) to ensure your information is shared only with lenders Home Equity Quiz works with.

Home Equity Quiz’s parent company, Leadpoint (a lead generation platform), also has an A+ with the BBB. While there are some negative reviews on the BBB website, none of these reviews relate to the treatment of personal data.

As a marketplace, you can expect your data to be passed on to third parties. Yet, there is a detailed privacy policy on the Home Equity Quiz website that outlines how your personal data is treated, stored, and maintained.

In Conclusion

Home Equity Quiz does exactly what it sets out to do by offering a quick service that indicates the range of mortgages available to you. The site would be more user-friendly if it set out a range of fees and mortgage terms and conditions. However, we understand this isn’t possible, as the company works with hundreds of different lenders.

Brand Disclaimer

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