Debt consolidation Articles

11 min read
22 Sep, 2022
How Using Mortgage Loans Can Help You Get Out Of Debt
If you’re struggling with high-interest debts, such as personal loans or credit cards, it may be time to consolidate them. Debt consolidation with mortgage refinance could lower your monthly payment ...
8 min read
24 Aug, 2022
Debt Consolidation loans: The Pros and Cons
Debt consolidation Solutions have been a topic of much debate for years. While financial institutions will try and entice you to transfer your higher interest debt to their new account with low introd ...
12 min read
15 Aug, 2022
10 Best Weekend Jobs: Make Extra Money & Boost Your Income
Given the state of today's economy, a growing number of people have turned to weekend jobs or side jobs to make money and boost their income. In fact, about a third of Americans have an extra job on t ...
12 min read
15 Jun, 2022
Debt-To-Income Ratio for A Mortgage
The debt-to-income ratio, abbreviated as DTI, is a proportion obtained by dividing monthly debt payments by monthly gross income. It is used by lenders to estimate how much money individuals can sp ...
8 min read
14 Jun, 2022
How Much Debt is Too Much?
How do you know if you are carrying too much debt? Of course, you can do the math. Although, just looking at your numbers does not mean that you are convinced you are carrying too much debt. In order ...
10 min read
11 May, 2022
Debt Consolidation with Mortgage Refinance: How it Works
What does it mean to consolidate your debt and refinance your mortgage? As debts go, mortgages tend to offer low-interest rates, which is why many consider refinancing their mortgage as a means to pay ...
12 min read
25 Feb, 2021
What is Debt-to-Income Ratio and Why It’s Important
Debt-to-income ratio (TDI) it’s how much debt you’re carrying relative to your income. In particular, it compares your monthly debt expenses against your monthly gross income (your income before ...
8 min read
15 Dec, 2020
CARES Act Updates | December 2020
CARES Act Updates | December 2020 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law by President Donald Trump in March 2020 and it is a $2.2 trillion economic stimulu ...
15 min read
10 Nov, 2020
Why You Should Pay Your Debt
At the end of every year, many of us sit down and write out our resolutions for the next 12 months. Some take the opportunity to focus on improving health related issues like committing to a balanced ...