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Lauren Le-Hair


Lauren Le-Hair

Tax fillings and debt assistance
Tax fillings and debt assistance
About Community Tax

Community Tax is a full-service tax advisory company based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2010, the company provides tax debt relief services, including tax preparation, tax resolution, and accounting services. Since 2010, Community Tax claims to have resolved over $800 million in tax debt, helping over 100,000 clients.

Tax Community provides services to both individuals and businesses and sets itself apart from its competitors by offering a true one-stop shop service. Community Tax has in-house tax experts, CPAs, and enrolled agents, and having this dedicated expertise at hand is a huge advantage.









Community Tax Tax Relief Review

Tax Community set themselves aside from other tax relief providers as they offer a full suite of tax services, not just tax relief. The company’s team of experts can help with tax preparation and accounting, tax assurance guidance, and deal with tax debt relief, and IRS resolution. We liked that Tax Community displays the names and credentials of its experts, which often isn’t provided by tax relief companies. While Tax Community requires you to have $10,000 or more tax debt to work with you on a tax resolution basis, it also offers other services that don’t need this level of debt.

Community Tax Tax Relief Highlights











Pros & Cons

  • A broad range of expert tax advice is available, not just tax debt relief
  • Excellent educational tools available to develop your own tax knowledge
  • Personalized customer care tailored to your needs
  • Services are not the cheapest available on the market
  • Need tax debt of at least $10,000 to qualify for tax help
  • No upfront indication of fees charged

Tax Relief Service Types

  • Dealing with the IRS
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Audit Representation

In-House Professionals

  • Tax Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Enrolled Agents

Brand Certifications & Organizational Memberships

  • National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)
  • IRS-approved Continuing Education Provider

Type of Fees

  • Flat rate
  • service based
  • complexity of case

Associated Fees

Community Tax does not advertise fees, as every fee is bespoke and based on the customer’s situation. We know fees range from around $300 for simple tax return services to over $5,000 for completed tax resolution. There are no further fees charged. Everything you will pay will be included in the initial flat fee quoted.

Application & Handling Process

All of the services provided by Tax Community are bespoke. Therefore, engaging with Tax Community requires a consultation with a tax expert to assess your individual situation.

We wanted help with tax return preparation and made our way to this section of the website. There is a basic form to complete for a Community Tax team member to get in touch with you.

Screen 1

After providing our details, we were asked a further question to establish what type of tax assistance we required.

We received a call back later that day from Community Tax to arrange an initial consultation meeting that would be free of charge. The tax expert we spoke to in the meeting discussed the tax return process with us, key timelines, and what information they would need. We were told that we would receive a quote after providing this information.

The meeting was quick and efficient, but it was also friendly and didn’t feel rushed. The advisor made us feel welcome and valued, and they were easy to deal with.

Required Information

You will need to provide the following information to engage Community Tax’s services:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Monthly income details and proof of income (e.g., pay stub, W-2 form)
  • Bank statements
  • Employment history
  • Details of all correspondence with the IRS

State Availability

Available in all states

Privacy & Security

The company serves customers in all 50 states. While there are 323 reviews from Community Tax customers on Trust Pilot, 84% of which give a rating of “Excellent”. Still, there is very little information available about the company’s results on their website.

Its privacy policy states that the company may use the information provided by individuals to send promotional materials, and it may share that information with third parties. Community Tax allows its customers to opt-out of some uses of personal information.

It’s important to note that the Community Tax Privacy Policy states that the company reserves the right to sell, rent, or transfer your information to third parties for any purpose at its sole discretion. It also notes that customers who want to opt out of having their personal information shared must call Community Tax’s customer service department at 1-877-656-4552.

Customer Support

Customer support forms an essential part of Community Tax and is integral to its business. Part of Community Tax’s top-quality services is that customers receive support tailored to their own situation. We wanted to ask questions about Community Tax fees charged and called its helpline. While the customer care agent couldn’t answer our question directly, as fees for tax resolution services are bespoke, they helped answer our other questions. Full contact details for Community Tax are detailed here.

Phone Support
(844) 863-8728
8am-8pm EST

In Conclusion

Community Tax may not be the cheapest tax debt relief option available. Still, its team of experts and proven track record are definitely worthy of consideration if you have over $10,000 of tax debt payable. Online reviews of Community Tax are excellent, and the company has several accreditations with the IRS. Additionally, its website offers several excellent educational tools to help users. We recommend looking into Community Tax if you have any tax service needs.


Does Community Tax operate nationwide?
Community Tax provides tax services in 47 states, with only Colorado, North Dakota, and Minnesota excluded.
How much does Community Tax charge?
All quotes provided by Community Tax are bespoke, so you will not be given a quote until you have spoken with an expert who can assess your situation.
How long does tax resolution take?
On average, completing a tax resolution process with the IRS takes about 7 months.

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