Auto loans Articles

13 min read
04 Dec, 2022 Updated: 12 Jan, 2023
Leasing vs. Buying a Car: Should You Lease a Car or Get a Loan?
A car is likely one of the most expensive acquisitions you will ever make. Luckily, there are different ways to get you behind the wheel of a vehicle suited to all budgets. One of the major decisions ...
15 min read
13 Jul, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
Personal Loan vs. Auto Loan: Which Is Best for Financing a Car?
Auto loans are the third-largest component of US household debt, behind student loans and home financing. Inflation has jacked up car prices, and Americans are now looking for new ways to finance a ca ...
14 min read
21 Jun, 2022 Updated: 12 Dec, 2022
How much is a car payment per month?
Manufacturing closures and supply chain difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic occurred throughout the world, decreasing vehicle supply even as demand quickly rebounded. This has resulted in a p ...
10 min read
15 May, 2022 Updated: 12 Dec, 2022
What is an Upside Down Car Loan?
An upside-down car loan arises when a car buyer purchases a car on credit but ends up paying (or owing) more for the car than it's worth. Like a bad marriage, upside-down car loans have the potential ...
14 min read
26 Apr, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
How to Buy a Used Car in 5 Steps
The United States is one of the most heavily car-dependent countries globally. In fact, according to recent estimates, there are currently about 276 million cars in use in the United States, which is ...
4 min read
04 Oct, 2021 Updated: 08 Mar, 2023
How do Car Loans Work?
Buying a car is a big purchase, but just like buying a home, it’s a worthwhile investment—one that requires understanding the process and shopping around to get the best price. While cars are d ...