Tax Articles

11 min read
08 Feb, 2023 Updated: 09 Feb, 2023
Tax Refunds: Factors that Affect the Amount You’ll Receive
The amount of money the IRS repays you depends on a variety of factors, including your income, your deductions, and even the state you live in. According to the IRS, about 74% of filers get a return ...
8 min read
07 Feb, 2023
Filing a Tax Return: A Step-by-Step Guide
Tax return season is upon us, and filing your tax returns can seem daunting for many. With the right resources and guidance, however, doing your taxes can be a breeze. Whether you file on paper, onlin ...
14 min read
07 Feb, 2023 Updated: 12 Feb, 2023
2023 Tax Refund Schedule: What to Expect
A tax refund refers to the amount of money the US government owes to a taxpayer after the taxpayer has overpaid their taxes. This typically happens when a person has paid more in taxes throughout the ...
8 min read
23 Jan, 2023 Updated: 07 Feb, 2023
5 Tips to Prepare for the 2023 Tax Filing Season
As the 2023 tax filing season approaches, it's important to start preparing early to ensure you have all the necessary documents, take advantage of deductions and credits, and avoid any potential dela ...
8 min read
27 Jul, 2022 Updated: 26 Feb, 2023
Can You Pay Taxes With a Personal Loan?
Paying taxes with a personal loan is a viable option for those who cannot pay their taxes on time. Personal loans are unsecured loans that can be used for any purpose, including paying taxes. However, ...
13 min read
14 Jun, 2022 Updated: 12 Dec, 2022
Are Personal Loans Taxable?
Personal loans are often not considered income and hence are not taxed. There are, however, some exceptions, such as when a lender forgives a portion of a loan or when a balance is settled for a lower ...
13 min read
30 May, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
Most Common Tax Forms
For many people, tax season is a time of stress and confusion. With so many different forms and deadlines, it can be difficult to keep everything straight. It may leave you wondering what tax forms do ...
12 min read
16 May, 2022 Updated: 10 Jan, 2023
U.S. Federal Tax Brackets 2022-2023
The term tax bracket refers to a range of incomes taxed at a specific rate. The tax brackets for 2022 have not changed compared to the previous year, and taxable income is still divided into seven fed ...
12 min read
17 Apr, 2022 Updated: 31 Jan, 2023
Instructions for filing Form 1120-S: US Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
What is Form 1120-S? The IRS has a particular set of documents used by S corporations to report on financial transactions that occur during the tax year. That’s why we answer the question of what i ...