Student loans Articles

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11 Oct, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
Student Loan Refinancing & Student Loan Consolidation vs. Federal Direct Consolidation Loan
Student loan refinancing, student loan consolidation, and the federal “Direct Consolidation Loan” are all ways to take your old student loan or multiple loans and turn them into a new one. Stud ...
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25 Aug, 2022 Updated: 02 Feb, 2023
Student Loan Debt Forgiveness of $10,000 Announced by Biden
US President Joe Biden has announced a plan that will see the cancellation of $10,000 worth of student debt for borrowers who are in the low or middle-income brackets. The Biden administration is atte ...
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23 Aug, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
When To Reconsider Student Loan Refinancing
There is more to student loan refinance than just lowering your monthly payments. Refinancing a current student loan means that you’ll have to sign with a private lender. If you take out a private l ...
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14 Aug, 2022 Updated: 02 Feb, 2023
Private Student Loans Forgiveness – The Alternatives
Private student loans are not currently eligible for student loan forgiveness programs. There are some alternatives for those who need help making payments, though. This includes forbearance, student ...
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30 Jun, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
Student Loan Pause Extension: What You Should Know
On March 11, President Biden signed an executive order extending the pause on federal student loan payments and interest rates through August 31, 2022. This extension applies to more than 44 million f ...
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24 May, 2022 Updated: 12 Jan, 2023
Interest Rates on Student Loans: Why Are They So High?
Student loan interest rates are usually high because most of them are unsecured. Unlike secured loans that are attached to collateral, unsecured loans don’t come back with any form of tangible asset ...
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23 May, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
Public Service Loan Forgiveness: What It Is, How It Works
You can seek federal loan forgiveness if you decide to work in public service. Read to know if you are eligible for forgiveness under the new Limited PSLF Waiver. What is Public Service Loan Forgiven ...
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10 May, 2022 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
Federal vs. Private Student Loans 
Students seeking financial help beyond a grant or scholarship can seek two types of student loans: federal student loans and private student loans. The US government finances federal loans while priva ...
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29 Mar, 2021 Updated: 06 Dec, 2022
Why A Partial Student Loan Refinance Could Be Perfect For You
The student debt crisis has affected millions of people throughout the US. In fact, experts estimate that there’s currently a total of $1.6 trillion in student debt throughout the country. As a r ...