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Best Home Warranty Companies June 2024

A home warranty is a type of insurance that covers the repair or replacement of major household items like appliances, air conditioners, and plumbing. Home warranties are also known as home service contracts.

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Founded in 2008 and based in New Jersey, Choice Home Warranty offers affordable and accessible home repairs should any home appliance or system components in the house break down. The company provides home warranty services for any house, regardless of age, which helps to distinguish its services from top competitors. Choice Home Warranty stands out from the crowd by boasting a wide range of country-wide contractors, with 15,000 contractors at hand, should something go wrong with one of your home appliances.


pros iconMultiple plans and customizable plans

pros iconSeveral add-on coverage options

pros iconFirst month free if you sign up for the year

pros iconHome inspections aren’t required

pros iconAvailable 24/7


cons iconIf you’re paying month-to-month, there is no discount

cons iconNot available in every state

  • check mark Hassle-free 24/7/365 claims support
  • check mark Superfast signup, starting with a free quote
  • check mark A network of more than 15,000 contractors
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Founded in 2017, Liberty Home Guard is a relative newcomer in the home warranty industry. The company headquarters are located in Brooklyn, New York, and it conducts business in 48 states. Liberty Home Guard is competitively priced and has been recognized for its exceptional responsiveness to its customers.

Liberty Home Guard launched a survey module in August 2020 that allows customers and technicians to submit feedback directly to the company’s executive team. The goal of the survey is to help the company address any issues that are adversely affecting its customers.

Liberty Home Guard’s main selling point is its competitive pricing. On its website, it promotes coverage starting at $1 a day.


pros iconSome of the lowest service fees

pros icon60 day workmanship guarantee

pros iconTop-quality customer service


cons iconNo option to choose your own service fee with plans

  • check mark Plans starting at just $1/day!
  • check mark 'A' grade from BBB with 4.65/5 Stars
  • check mark Rated 4.75/5 stars on Google
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Select Home Warranty is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. It has been in business since 2012 and serves customers in 48 states. The company’s coverages protect homeowners from paying out-of-pocket for major repairs to broken appliances or systems.

Select Home Warranty’s main selling point is that it offers customers three plan choices, each with discounts for new customers.


pros iconSignup perks available, including $100 off per year or two months free

pros iconFree roof coverage available

pros iconUnlimited number of customer repairs available


cons iconRequires annual maintenance reports

cons iconDoes not cover service from contractors outside their network

  • check mark Highly rated and recommended by users
  • check mark Flexible plans starting at $42/month
  • check mark 2 Free mo. + $150 Off & Free Roof Coverage
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Founded in 1996, Home Warranty of America is one of the most established companies in the home warranty industry. The company headquarters are located in Bedminster, New Jersey, and it conducts business in all 50 states.

In February 2022, Home Warranty of America sold certain assets to Choice Home Warranty but continues to operate under its own name.


pros iconService available nationwide

pros icon25+ years in business

pros iconCompetitive pricing


cons iconChoice of service technician not permitted

cons iconNo coverage for air conditioning under Select Plan

cons iconMany poor customer reviews online

  • check mark Trusted for over 25 years
  • check mark 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • check mark More than 25K contractors worldwide
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Known for its affordable home warranties and very responsive customer service, First Premier Home Warranty is a veteran of the home warranty industry. The company was founded in 1989 and has built an excellent reputation over this time. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the company is ideal for those looking for home warranty coverage for their households. With two home warranty products available (at a great price, too), First Premier also offers multiple add-ons available for enhanced cover.


pros icon2 plan tiers offer many systems and appliances

pros iconCan add on individual systems and appliances as needed

pros icon24/7 customer service by phone


cons iconNo emergency services

cons iconNo live chat option

cons iconSparse website doesn't offer crucial information upfront

  • check mark BBB accredited with A- rating
  • check mark 2021 Best-in-service award
  • check mark 2 Months + Roof coverage for free
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First American Home Warranty has been providing coverage to homeowners for more than 40 years and it covers all major home appliances and systems with its plans. All of the service professionals are qualified and prescreened, with First American Home Warranty giving you the ability to request service on a 24/7 basis.

According to the company website, 63% of its customers filed claims last year, resulting in $177 million worth of savings. This First American Home Warranty review is looking at all of the key aspects of this home warranty offering.

First American Home Warranty is a public company: stock ticker NYSE: FAF


pros iconFiling available online and by phone 24/7

pros iconWell-respected company

pros iconCompetitive pricing plans

pros iconPre-screened service professionals


cons iconNo coverage available in 15 states

cons iconCertain exclusions to be aware of

  • check mark Competitively priced plans under $1/day
  • check mark No home inspection is necessary
  • check mark Checkout online, Get a $100 discount
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The Home Service Club (HSC) is headquartered in New York City and has been in business since 2009. HSC serves customers in all 50 states. The company’s coverages protect homeowners from paying out-of-pocket for major repairs to broken appliances or systems.

HSCs main selling point is that it offers two plan choices to its customers, and a home inspection is not required before a plan can be purchased.


pros icon24/7 Service available online

pros iconNo home inspection required

pros iconNo age, make, or model restrictions on eligible terms

pros iconGenerous guarantees: 90 Days (parts) & 30 Days (labor)


cons iconHigh service fee ($125)

cons iconNo BBB accreditation

  • check mark 24/7 Customer and Claim service
  • check mark Network of over 15,000 technicians
  • check mark Home coverage that starts within 10 days

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

Signing up for a home warranty can be as easy as choosing a plan on a reputable company’s website and getting a quote. When something goes wrong, you simply submit a claim — typically either online or by phone.

The best home warranty companies have relationships with technicians who are within their network. It’s important to compare home warranty companies and choose the right company with a large network of technicians in your area.

Your provider will get in touch with one of their technicians and send them out to check on your claim and repair the appliance or system in need. If it can’t be repaired, it may even be replaced as part of your plan. Home warranty companies will specify how quickly they can dispatch someone to your home, and they may

Home Warranty Coverage

Most plans are divided into systems, appliances, and combo plans.

Systems Plans

Systems plans offer coverage of various systems in your home. These can include air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, garbage disposals, and more.

Appliance Plans

Home appliance insurance packages you can get which also include major household appliances, such as refrigerators, dryers, washers, ovens, dishwashers, stoves, built-in microwaves, etc.

Combo Plans

A combo plan offers a combination of systems and appliances warranty coverage.

Optional Add-Ons

Along with the basic warranty package, there will be optional add-ons that you can include at extra cost. Typical add-ons that may be offered include coverage for swimming pools, spas, septic tanks, and well pumps.


Like most things, there are pros and cons associated with even the best home warranties. The main benefit is that you are protecting yourself from any unforeseen and expensive repair bills. Here is a list of some of the best home warranty advantages:

1. Being prepared — because things always break eventually

Systems and appliances tend to be expensive to repair and replace. It is an ideal way to protect yourself if you don’t have a lot of rainy day funds when things go wrong. Remember as well that something always goes wrong eventually, whether it’s the washing machine breaking or the air conditioning not cooling your home in the middle of summer. As much as we wish these things would last forever without a problem, that’s just not realistic.

2. No need to try to fix appliances yourself or spend time finding a trustworthy service professional

Having a home warranty also saves you the hassle of having to attempt the repairs yourself or try a professional to do them for you. The company can send out their own technician who they know and trust to fix any problematic appliances or systems.

3. Peace of mind when buying a home that comes with appliances

If you are buying a house that comes with appliances that were previously used, then having home appliance insurance can give you additional peace of mind. People tend to feel more at ease with brand new appliances and trust that they’ll work properly for a long time. That’s just not so when you’re buying a home with older appliances.

4. Save big on repair fees

Finally, the home warranty prices are relatively inexpensive when you look at the standard cost of repairing or replacing appliances. According to the website Fixr, the national average cost for repairing a washing machine is $200. A new washing machine can easily cost upwards of $500. Paying just a $50 service fee for a technician to come out and repair your washer when you have a home warranty plan sounds like a much better option.

5. Guarantees on workmanship

Workmanship guarantees mean that you don’t have to worry about paying for shoddy work that will just cost you more in the long run. Choice Home Warranty offers 90-day guarantees on parts. When you compare home warranties, it’s always a good idea to check whether they offer guarantees and for how long.

6. 24/7 help

Sometimes when things go wrong at home — especially when expensive systems or appliances appear to break — we panic. It’s even worse if a problem occurs at night or on a weekend, in which case you could be waiting for hours to days in order to get a hold of someone to help you. That’s not the case when you have a home warranty. The best home warranty companies offer 24/7 claims assistance so you’ll never feel alone.

7. It can help you sell your home.

That’s right, a home warranty isn’t just for new home buyers. Someone who is selling their home can also benefit. Selling a house with a home warranty included will increase the confidence of potential buyers who are interested in your house. After you sell the house, you can transfer the warranty to the buyer.


1. You need to keep maintenance records.

One of the main disadvantages of getting an American home warranty is that you will not get protection if there has not been proper maintenance for certain items. There is a bit of a gray area with regards to what exactly is defined as proper maintenance and this can lead to disputes between the policy issuer and holder.

Some of the more unscrupulous types of home warranty companies may include improper maintenance clauses in an attempt to discredit likely valid claims. The contractor coming to your home to assess the situation may also disagree over what is proper maintenance.

The solution: If you’re buying a home with appliances that have been used by a previous owner, you should ask them for maintenance records. This way, you can prove proper upkeep and care to any home warranty company that questions how the appliance in question was maintained.

2. Need to use in-network technicians.

Some people may prefer to use their own service professionals to carry out repairs, but certain companies require the use of their in-network technicians.

The solution: Choose a home warranty company that allows for out-of-network technicians.

3. Fewer choices during the repair process.

Finally, there may be instances whereby you cannot choose the specific brand or model of replacement, despite this replacement being supposed to be of similar quality.

The solution: Most home warranty companies offer guarantees with their repairs, so if you’re worried that a new part is not going to be “good enough,” you don’t have to be. Your appliance or system will be taken care of.