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Angela Mae Watson


Angela Mae Watson

Transparent Process with No Application Fees
Transparent Process with No Application Fees
About Carvana

Launched in 2012, Carvana is an online automobile company that primarily sells used vehicles. Carvana’s inventory includes thousands of preowned vehicles for prospective borrowers to browse through, inspect, and compare. Once you find a vehicle, Carvana lets you test it out for 7 days and return it if it doesn’t work out.

Carvana has an intuitive lending model, which makes it easy for borrowers to find competitive auto financing loans. As a direct lender, the loan process is done through Carvana’s website. The company does have in-person locations for those who prefer a more traditional process, but most sales take place online.









Carvana Auto Loans Review

Carvana is a direct lender that mainly offers automobile financing for used cars online. The application process is straightforward and gives you an overview of your rates based on the information you provide. These personalized rates – and terms – stay valid for 45 days after the initial application.

Carvana’s built up a solid reputation for its large inventory, intuitive technology, and array of options. It also offers refinancing options through its partner, Bridgecrest.

Carvana Auto Loans Highlights


$1,000 - $85,000


36 48 60 72




3.90% - 24.9%








1992 years





Pros & Cons

  • Easy-to-navigate site with a straightforward application process
  • No application fees prepayment fees, or origination fees
  • Options are available for those with a lower credit score
  • Prequalified rates and terms last up to 45 days so you can shop around before deciding
  • Offers financing for vehicles sold on Carvana only
  • Co-signers are only allowed in specific states
  • Higher interest rates and unfavorable terms for bad credit borrowers

Auto Loans Types

  • New Car Loan
  • Used Car Loan

Vehicle Types

  • Car

Carvana Auto Loans Terms & Requirements

For the most part, Carvana makes it easy to obtain financing for a vehicle – especially a used one. However, the lender does still have a few general requirements, such as:

  • Proof of employment – ex. pay stubs or bank statements
  • $10,000 annual minimum income
  • 18 years or older
  • US citizen (financing is not available for residents of Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Credit check – no active bankruptcies allowed

The exact rates and terms of the auto loan depend on things like income, credit score, down payment and, in some states, co-signer.

How to Apply

The application process with Carvana begins with pre-qualification. This lets you check your potential rates and terms without hurting your credit. It’s done entirely online and only takes a few minutes to complete.

To get started, provide some basic personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, and address. Carvana will then ask for your annual income and current employment status. From there, create an account using your email address and a unique password.

Once you’ve pre-qualified, the terms you receive will be valid for up to 45 days. This gives you the chance to shop around and inspect the different vehicles online without having to rush.

If you choose to finance through Carvana, the next step is to complete the official application. Start by choosing the preowned vehicle you want to purchase and select whether you’ll pick it up or want it delivered. Carvana will then perform a hard credit check and verify your information. As long as everything’s in order, you’ll be approved for financing and can accept – or decline – the terms.

Screen 1

Get prequalified

Qualification Requirements

Carvana has minimal qualification requirements, including:

  • 18+ years old
  • No active bankruptcies
  • Make at least $10,000 a year
  • No minimum credit score

Required Information

Carvana’s pre-qualification process doesn’t require many documents, but be prepared with basic contact and financial information. During the application process, you may be asked to upload a copy of your driver’s license and some other documents. These documents include the completed application and proof of employment or income. If you’re trading in a vehicle, have any related information ready (ex. lien on the vehicle, registration card, etc.).

Application Steps & Time Frames

  • The initial pre-qualification process only takes a couple of minutes and can be done online.
  • Applying for a vehicle doesn’t take long, but the time to financing can vary based on location, provided information, and any submitted payments. Carvana does provide estimated delivery times upon request.
  • Carvana also offers a 7-day money back guarantee for customers dissatisfied with their purchase.

State Availability

Available in all states

Privacy & Security

Carvana’s financial privacy policy details the type of data that is collected and shared when you use their website or apply for a loan. This includes income, Social Security Number, payment history, credit history, and employment status.

The lender also uses several security measures, such as digital safeguards and in-person protections, that follow federal law and keep customer data safe. They are also transparent about their policies.

Customer Support

Carvana’s customer support team is very responsive. They’re available via phone or live chat during business hours. They also have an online bot you can interface with.

By phone, you can reach a customer service agent Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST. The lender is closed on the weekend, but a representative will typically get back to you within a day or two if you reach out during this time.

If you choose the online chat option, you’ll first connect with a bot, which will answer common questions. If your question isn’t answered correctly, you’ll be paired with a real person instead.

Carvana also has an online resource library filled with recommended articles and topics to help guide you through the company’s lending process. These resources also provide general car purchasing and selling tips.

Phone Support
(800) 333-4554
Mon - Sun
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM EDT

In Conclusion

All in all, Carvana is a good platform for finding preowned vehicles, especially for those looking for an online experience. It has thousands of options and lets potential customers virtually inspect vehicles at their leisure. The website and application process are also intuitive and easy to navigate.

Unlike many traditional dealerships, Carvana also has minimum credit score and income requirements. This makes it a particularly good option for those with less than stellar credit history. Carvana may not offer good rates or terms for people with poor credit, but it’s unlikely to outright reject an application.

Finally, Carvana’s transparent lending model, tailored options, and fast financing make it an appealing option for anyone looking for a used vehicle. It’s also convenient for people who may not live near a good car dealership since it can deliver the vehicle to nearly anywhere in the country.


Does the pre-qualification process affect my credit score?
The initial application and pre-qualification process will not affect your credit score. Once you choose a car (for delivery or pick-up), Carvana will run a hard inquiry. This could bring your score down by a few points, though your score should return to normal after a few months or so.
What does the application process look like?
The process is straightforward and fast. It begins with you filtering the type of vehicle you want based on different specifications such as make or model. Once you’ve done that, you can compare different vehicles that fit the criteria. From there, choose a vehicle, decide on the method of payment, and upload any required documents. If desired, select the option to add more coverage to the vehicle. Finally, indicate whether you’re going to pick up the vehicle or want it delivered to you.
Where are the cars kept?
Carvana stores its cars in Carvana Vending Machines all across the country. There are currently 34 locations nationwide, with more being planned in the future.

Carvana Disclaimer

Carvana’s Responsible Disclosure Policy

Responsible Disclosure

Carvana’s code of ethics, foundation of trust, and its constant efforts to ensure that we are always acting prudently as a company is built upon the confidence that our customers place in us. As a result of these core values, the security of our online platforms – and the data housed within these platforms – is of paramount importance. If you are a security researcher and believe that you have discovered a security vulnerability involving Carvana services or sites, we encourage you to securely disclose it to us in a responsible manner, as directed by this Responsible Disclosure Policy (the “Policy”). Carvana will engage with security researchers when vulnerabilities are reported to us in accordance with this Policy. We will also validate and fix confirmed vulnerabilities affecting our services or sites in accordance with our commitment to security and privacy. We will not take legal action against, or suspend or terminate the accounts of, researchers who discover and report security vulnerabilities in accordance with this Policy. Carvana reserves all legal rights in the event of any non-compliance with this Policy.


We encourage security researchers to share the details of any suspected vulnerabilities with the Carvana Information Security Team by submitting the form at the bottom of this page (the “Form”) as directed. Carvana will review each submission to determine if the finding: (a) is valid and (b) has not previously been reported. Carvana and this Policy require security researchers to include detailed information with steps for Carvana’s Information Security Team to reproduce the vulnerability in the Form in order for a security researcher to be considered for monetary compensation.


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