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RefiJet Auto Loans Review

RefiJet is a Denver-based financial services company specializing in the refinancing of auto and motorcycle loans. The company’s primary objective is to help customers improve their loan conditions, such as achieving better interest rates, more favorable terms, and lower monthly payments. RefiJet stands out for its approach to customer service, simplifying the loan refinancing process by handling all the necessary paperwork, coordinating with various lenders, and offering customized solutions based on individual financial needs and preferences.

RefiJet Auto Loans Highlight


Min Credit Score


APR. Fixed Rate


Loan Amount

24-96 months

Repayment terms


Soft Credit Pull


Lender Type


Other Fees


Origination Fee


Prepayment Fee

24 hours

Funding Time

10 Years

Max Vehicle Age

Auto Loan Refinance

Min 5.29%

APR. Fixed Rate


APR. Variable Rate


Refinance Amount

Pros & Cons

  • con-icon Prequalification with soft credit check available
  • con-icon Low minimum credit score
  • con-icon Can buy out your lease
  • con-icon Some lenders offer automatic payment discounts
  • con-icon Cash-out refinances available
  • con-icon Lack of full online application
  • con-icon Vehicles older than 10 years not eligible
  • con-icon $395 origination fee

Auto Loan Types

  • Secured Auto Loans
  • New Car Loan
  • Used Car Loan
  • Lease Buyouts
  • Auto Refinance Loans
  • Cash-out Refinance Loans

Vehicle Types

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Truck

RefiJet Auto Loans Terms & Requirements

RefiJet offers vehicle refinancing for vehicles older than ten model years and that have less than 150,000 miles. The company also offers lease buyouts. RefiJet’s terms and requirements are industry standard and acceptable.

  • Credit Score:  RefiJet specializes in applicants with credit scores of at least 580, and it adheres to industry-standard requirements related to income​.
  • Vehicle Qualifications: The service is available for vehicles that are 10 years old or newer and have less than 150,000 miles. It caters to any vehicle make, but only for private use
  • Transparency and Accreditation: RefiJet has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is accredited by them. This suggests a level of trustworthiness and commitment to customer satisfaction​.
  • Loan Options Disclosure: The company discloses loan options, including potential savings on monthly auto loan payments, when a customer inquires. However, the actual time taken for the lender to underwrite and fund the loan can vary.

How to Apply

The process of applying for a vehicle loan through RefiJet begins online with a one page form and is completed via telephone.

The one page initial online form:

After submitting this information, a RefiJet sales representative will call the borrower to collect additional information, such as vehicle and current loan information, employment and income information, and Social Security number for a hard credit pull by the lender the borrower selects.

Qualification Requirements

RefiJet’s qualification requirements are designed to accommodate many customers seeking to refinance their auto or motorcycle loans. Here are the key qualification criteria:

  1. Credit Score: RefiJet typically works with customers with a credit score of at least 580. This threshold indicates a degree of flexibility, catering to those who may not have high credit scores.
  2. Income Requirements: While specific income requirements are not detailed in the sources, RefiJet adheres to industry-standard income requirements. This means that applicants will likely need to demonstrate a stable income sufficient to cover their loan obligations.
  3. Vehicle Eligibility:
    • Mileage Limit: Vehicles must have less than 150,000 miles. This criterion ensures that the refinanced vehicles are not excessively used, which can affect their value and the risk associated with the loan.
    • Car Age: Vehicles must be no more than 10 years old (by model year). This requirement is in place because older vehicles are typically more difficult to finance due to their depreciated value.
    • Car Makes: RefiJet is open to refinancing loans for any vehicle made, as long as the vehicle is for private use. This broad make eligibility allows a wide range of customers to apply for refinancing.
    • Loan Specifics: While detailed specifics about the loan, such as minimum or maximum loan amounts, are not explicitly stated, RefiJet offers flexibility in terms of rate, term, monthly payment amount, amount financed, cash-out options, Guaranteed Asset Protection, and Extended Service Contracts.
  4. Usage of Vehicle: The vehicle to be refinanced should be for private use. This stipulation is common in auto loan refinancing, as the risk and terms for commercial vehicles differ significantly from personal use vehicles.
  5. Residency: Applicants usually need to be residents of the United States, but specific state availability might vary.
  6. Documentation: Standard documentation for loan refinancing applications typically includes proof of income, identity verification, current loan details, and vehicle information.

Required Information

Will vary by lender, but may include:

  • Proof of address
  • Last pay stub to verify income
  • Driver’s license
  • Banking information
  • Auto insurance information
  • Copy of vehicle registration

Application Steps & Time Frames

  • Complete initial online form (3 minutes)
  • Wait for approval or decline (usually under 5 minutes but may be longer if personally reviewed by a RefiJet employee)
  • Receive funding (usually 1-3 business days after the loan closes, depending on the lender)

State Availability

- Available in all states

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Does RefiJet do a soft credit pull?

RefiJet will perform a soft credit pull that doesn’t affect your credit score to determine if you can be prequalified for any offers. Once settling upon a lender, they will do a hard credit pull to arrive at your loan’s final terms and rate.

Does RefiJet only refinance cars?

RefiJet specializes in refinancing cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles with a minimum loan balance of at least $5,000.

Is there a charge to refinance my auto loan with RefiJet?

RefiJet charges a $395 origination fee to borrowers.

Customer Support

RefiJet does not offer customer support after a loan is funded. Borrowers must contact their lender’s customer service team for any assistance with their loan. RefiJet does have a sales team and a toll-free phone number for inbound callers seeking needing questions answered before and during the application process.

In Conclusion

RefiJet is a reputable company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It provides quotes from different lenders within minutes when someone submits an application, and funding is typically made within 24-48 hours. RefiJet provides auto loan refinancing and auto lease buyouts.