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Gen Zers Have Increased Their Wealth by 80%

Elinor Rozenvasser Updated: February 13, 2024 • 2 min read
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Key Points:

  • Young adults under 40 have increased their wealth by 80% since 2019.

  • Older generations still hold the majority of wealth, but the gap is narrowing.

  • The stock market and real estate investments are key drivers of this wealth growth.

The pandemic era has ushered in a notable shift in the U.S. wealth distribution, with young adults rapidly catching up to the financial status of older generations. Initially, millennials and Gen Z held a mere fraction of the country's wealth, but recent studies have revealed a significant change. The New York Federal Reserve's latest findings indicate an 80% wealth growth for those under 40 since 2019, a rate far surpassing that of their elders.

Let's take a look at how this shift is unfolding and what wealth growth among young adults means for your financial future.

Closing the Generational Wealth Gap

This wealth growth among young adults is more than just an interesting statistic; it represents a burgeoning opportunity for financial empowerment and planning. The fact that younger generations are accumulating wealth at such a rapid pace suggests a shift in economic power and access to financial resources that were previously out of reach.

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Investing and Saving for the Future

  • Stock Market Surge: Young adults have benefited from the post-pandemic stock market rally, thanks to their greater exposure to stocks.
  • Real Estate Boom: Older generations saw wealth gains from real estate, with a significant portion owning homes that have increased in value.
  • Starting Point Matters: Despite the impressive percentage growth, younger adults' absolute wealth increase starts from a lower base compared to older generations.

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The Drivers Behind Wealth Accumulation

The mechanisms fueling this wealth accumulation differ significantly between age groups. For the under-40 crowd, a bullish stock market has been a major wealth builder, reflecting their riskier investment portfolios.

Meanwhile, older Americans have gained from both stocks and a booming real estate market, with a substantial number of them owning property that has appreciated in value over recent years.

The Bottom Line

The financial landscape is changing, with young adults making remarkable strides in closing the generational wealth gap. This shift is not just a win for the younger generations but a signal for everyone about the importance of investing and adapting to market trends.

As younger adults claim a larger share of the nation's wealth, they also inherit the responsibility to make wise financial decisions for their future.

Whether you're a millennial, Gen Z, or from an older generation, understanding these dynamics is crucial for planning and securing your financial future in an ever-evolving economic environment.

Elinor Rozenvasser is a content writer and editor with a knack for finance. She holds a Bachelor's in Communications and Business from Reichman University, and has been swimming alongside finance specialists for over a decade. She's not your typical financial writer, though. She's more likely to use witty puns and sarcasm than jargon and technical terms. But don't let that fool you. She's still a whiz when it comes to explaining complex financial concepts in a way that anyone can understand. If there's any writer who can make finance fun and engaging, Elinor is your girl. She's sure to leave you laughing (and learning) long after you've finished reading her work.