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Mark Cuban’s Net Worth Is $6.2 Billion in 2024

Sarah Sharkey Updated: February 1, 2024 • 4 min read
mark cuban

Key Points:

  • Estimates of billionaire Mark Cuban’s net worth land around $6.2 billion in 2024.

  • Cuban first became a multi-millionaire in 1990 when he sold MicroSolutions to CompuServe.

  • Cuban first became a billionaire when he and Todd Wagner sold Broadcast.com to Yahoo for $5.6 billion in 1999.

Mark Cuban is a well-known billionaire who isn’t shy about promoting his business prowess. The highly visible position as owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the limelight of Shark Tank have made him a household name. However, he made many strategic business plays along the way that catapulted him to billionaire status. So how did Mark Cuban make his money?

We will explore how he built this top-tier net worth.

Mark Cuban Net Worth

As of writing in January 2024, Mark Cuban has an estimated net worth of approximately $6.2 billion. The billionaire recently told GQ, “anybody who has a ‘B’ next to their name, and they tell you they could do it all again, they’re lying their ass off.”

He continued to say that he believed he could always do well enough to make a comfortable life for his family. But financial reset Mark Cuban acknowledges that you have to have luck and timing on your side to catapult yourself to billionaire status.

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How He Earned the Money

While he might be best known for owning the Dallas Mavericks and participating in Shark Tank for 15 seasons, he started building his fortune back in the 1990s.

How rich is Mark Cuban? Below is a breakdown of how he’s built this jaw-dropping net worth.

  • Serial entrepreneur in the tech space: Cuban became a multi-millionaire in 1990 when he sold a company he built, MicroSolutions, to CompuServe for $6 million. Later, he and Todd Wagner grew Broadcast.com to sell it to Yahoo in 1999 for $5.6. Both sales avoided the dotcom bubble, which was key to building a net worth of over a billion dollars.
  • NBA team owner: Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks in 2000, at a cost of around $280 million. Since then, the team’s worth has grown to around $4.5 billion. Late in 2023, he announced that he is selling a majority stake while retaining control of the team. The deal will net Cuban billions of dollars.

How He’s Growing the Money

Although he has already joined the exclusive triple comma club, Mark Cuban is continuing to grow his fortune. Below is a look at some of the ways he is continuing to build his net worth.

  • Startups: Cuban has invested in a wide range of startups, some of which he connected with on the long-running Shark Tank. He owns a stake in almost 100 startups and media companies, each offering a chance to push his net worth higher.
  • Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co.: Cuban launched this company in pursuit of a way to offer affordable drugs to Americans.
  • Mission-driven companies: Cuban has a penchant for investing in mission-driven companies. For example, he has invested in Luminaid, which provides lighting to disaster areas.
  • Mavericks moves: The recent addition of owners to the Dallas Mavericks includes a billionaire who made their mark in the casino and entertainment industry. Cuban has said he hopes to move the Mavericks to a new campus, complete with resort vibes and casino options.

Mark Cuban's Wealth History

Notably, Mark Cuban is leaving Shark Tank. The announcement came after being on the show for 15 seasons. While he might not be investing in startups on the air, it’s likely he will continue to invest in fledgling companies that catch his attention.

Mark Cuban’s Advice on How to Get Rich

The billionaire has doled out his advice to anyone who wants to get rich. It includes living like a student because keeping your costs low will help you save the funds you need to build a brighter future.

Cuban suggests building an emergency fund that would cover six months’ worth of expenses. After that, invest most of your subsequent savings into index funds. But set aside around 10% of your investment portfolio for high-risk investments. He also advises against using credit cards, buying everyday items in bulk, reading books, and negotiating deals with cash.

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The Bottom Line

Mark Cuban’s net worth has grown over time. But some of the biggest moves he made included selling two tech companies and buying the Dallas Mavericks. From there, he didn’t stop to relax. Instead, he continued to invest in companies and grow his fortune.

If you want to start growing your own wealth, consider starting with his advice about building an emergency fund. Tucking that safety net into a high-yield savings account can prepare your finances to take risks when an opportunity comes your way.


Written by Sarah Sharkey linkedin-icon

Sarah Sharkey is a personal finance writer with a Master's in Management from the Hough School of Business at the University of Florida. She enjoys helping people make better financial decisions and has written for numerous personal finance publications, including Money Under 30, Business Insider, and The College Investor. Sarah enjoys traveling, hiking, and reading when she is not writing.