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Serena Williams’ Net Worth in 2023

Sarah Sharkey Updated: February 1, 2024 • 5 min read
serena williams

Key Points:

  • Estimates of Serena Williams’ net worth range from $250 to $300 million in 2023.

  • Her famous tennis player career prize money amounted to $94.6 million.

  • She expanded her earnings with endorsements and business endeavors.

Serena Williams is an iconic tennis player whose on-court wins captivated fans. Although the famous tennis player has retired from the game, she walked away from the court with an impressive tennis career and an estimated net worth of between $250 and $300 million. How much money does Serena Williams have, and where'd it all come from?

We will explore how she built this impressive net worth.


Full Name Serena Jameka Williams
Profession Tennis Player
Birth Date 26 September 1981
Height 1.75 m
Spouse: Alexis Ohanian
Children Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.
Country United States
Turned pro October 1995
Retired September 2022
Estimated Net Worth 270 million USD
Estimated Annual Salary $25 Million
Gender Female

Serena Williams: A Comprehensive Financial Profile

Serena Williams, a name synonymous with dominance in tennis, embarked on her professional journey at the tender age of 14. Despite age-eligibility restrictions, she debuted professionally in October 1995 at the Bell Challenge in Quebec. Although her initial foray saw her losing in the first qualifying round, it marked the beginning of a storied career that would see her amassing a staggering $94,816,730 in prize money, the highest in all-time rankings.

From her first major singles title at the 1999 US Open to her relentless pursuit of excellence, Serena's career has been a blend of unparalleled athletic prowess and shrewd financial acumen. Her earnings on the court were just the start. Off the court, she became the world's highest-paid woman athlete in 2016, earning almost $29 million, a feat she repeated in 2017 with $27 million in prize money and endorsements. Her financial strategy extended beyond tennis, with significant endorsements and business ventures contributing to her status as the highest-earning woman athlete.

Serena's journey from the courts of Compton to global tennis arenas is a tale of sports dominance and a narrative of financial foresight and strategic planning. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, talent, and a keen business sense.

How Much is Serena Williams Worth?

As of writing in late 2023, Serena Williams has an estimated net worth between $250 and $300 million. Although that’s quite a range, even the low-end estimate of a net worth of $250 million is undeniably impressive.

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How She Earned the Money

While Serena’s on-court success is the foundation of her net worth, that’s not the only way she built her empire. Below is a look at some of the ways she earned money while building her impressive net worth:

Winning tournaments: Serena Williams was a professional tennis player for almost 20 years. Throughout her tenure as a top-tier tennis player, she won 23 Grand Slam titles and countless other tournaments, all of which paid her for winning. Forbes estimates that she earned $94.6 million in career prize money.

Endorsements: As an amazing tennis player with a winning record, Williams was able to leverage her image into endorsement deals. Forbes estimates that Serena earned more than $340 million from endorsements and appearances. Some of these endorsement deals are likely to continue even though she has retired from the tennis court.

Forbes estimates that [Serena] earned $94.6 million in career prize money.

How She's Investing the Money

While Serena earned millions on and off the court, she won’t slow down anytime soon. Below is a closer look at her business ventures and how she’s investing.

  • Serena Ventures: Although she had a grueling tennis schedule, she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing business endeavors. She founded Serena Ventures, a firm that invests in startups. Notably, Serena Ventures’ portfolio is 78% composed of companies founded by women and people of color.
  • Advisor positions: Serena sits on the board of Momentive and Sorare. Both companies are in the tech space.
  • Children’s book: Serena released a children’s book, which could be a stream of passive income for her.
  • Sports assets: As an athlete, it might not be surprising that Serena has invested in sports assets. For example, she owns a stake in the Miami Dolphins and has invested in the NWSL expansion club Angel City FC.

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Serena’s broad portfolio of investments may continue to expand. She and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, are actively focused on building their family. But now that she’s off the court, she might focus more time and energy on her business endeavors.

Serena Williams: Mastering the Game of Tennis, Business, and Social Impact

Fashion Forward: Serena's Court Couture

Serena Williams has consistently made headlines with her unique fashion choices on the court. From her striking black lycra catsuit at the 2002 US Open to her unconventional denim skirts and knee-high boots at the 2004 US Open, and the much-discussed white trench coat at the 2008 Wimbledon, Serena has redefined tennis attire. Her fashion statements, while sometimes controversial, challenge traditional norms and spark important conversations about representation and identity in sports.

Building a Brand: Serena's Business Ventures

Serena's business acumen is as formidable as her tennis game. She launched her own fashion line, "Aneres," and secured a landmark $40 million endorsement deal with Nike. Her entrepreneurial ventures expanded into the beauty industry with her involvement in HairTech, and she made history in 2015 by gracing the cover of Vogue, becoming the first black female athlete to do so solo. Her HSN Signature Statement collection and the launch of her sustainable clothing line, S by Serena, emphasize her commitment to inclusivity and diversity in fashion.

Championing Change: Serena's Activism

Serena Williams uses her platform to advocate for social justice and equality. Her support for Black Lives Matter and her response to insensitive remarks by fellow tennis player Tennys Sandgren highlight her commitment to addressing racial and gender inequalities. Her open letter in Porter Magazine's "Incredible Women of 2016" and her numerous awards for activism, including the NAACP's President's Award, underscore her influence as a champion for change.

Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Serena's philanthropic efforts are extensive and impactful. Her Serena Williams Foundation has partnered with organizations to support community development, education, and the construction of the Serena Williams Secondary School in Matooni, Kenya. Her involvement in charity events, like the fundraising for Haiti earthquake victims and her contributions to First Serve Miami, demonstrate her dedication to giving back.

Diversifying Interests: Serena's Investments and Endorsements

Serena's financial portfolio is as diverse as her skill set. She became a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins and part of the investors' group for Angel City FC, showcasing her interest in supporting and promoting sports beyond tennis. Her $12 million endorsement deal with Puma and subsequent $40 million deal with Nike set the stage for a series of lucrative partnerships with major brands, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in both sports and business.

The Bottom Line

Serena Williams built her net worth through hard work on and off the court. While most of us won’t earn millions as professional athletes, we can take the lesson of building multiple streams of income to heart. Williams didn’t neglect to grow her investments and other streams of income, like writing a book and securing endorsement deals.

If you want to start building out your own net worth, consider starting with a high-yield savings account. You can tuck savings into this account and take advantage of the interest earnings.

Once you have a solid base of savings, you might consider building your own business. Many small business owners get their hands on the capital they need by taking out a small business loan. With the right business idea, you could significantly grow your net worth.

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