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Transform Your Income: 7 Ways to Use AI to Make Money

David Bufton Updated: November 9, 2023 • 5 min read
midjourney on laptop

The recent rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has made a once highly confusing topic easily accessible to millions of people. Tools such as ChatGPT are free to use, and we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what these incredibly powerful tools can offer us. What we have learned is that there are ways that you can use AI tools to make money across a variety of different markets and industries. In the meantime, here are some ways that you can use AI and ChatGPT today to help boost your income.

The Future is Here: Making Money with AI and ChatGPT

1. Code Development 

AI has made learning code development more accessible than ever, so even beginners can learn to code quickly. Many beginners choose to learn Python, but other coding languages are available, and endless resources are available to begin your AI learning journey. 

Once you’ve learned to code, there are countless different AI, machine learning, and web development jobs that you’ll be able to take. The market is full of advertisements for these high-paying roles, so the sooner you can use AI to teach yourself to code, the sooner you can look at these excellent opportunities.


Code development chatgpt

Created using ChatGPT 4.0

Prompt example:

Act as a JavaScript Developer, writing a program that will check the information on a form to see if it matches what it claims to be. There is a requirement for the name and e-mail address, but not for the address and age.

2. Building Websites

Building your own website can be intimidating to do for the first time. Thankfully, there are now many different tools available to build a website for yourself. Inquisitive learners can ask ChatGPT to provide a step-by-step guide teaching you how to start your own website. Alternatively, you can use AI website-building tools to do all the heavy lifting for you. 

You can then use these websites for revenue-generating activities, which we’ll delve into a little further in this guide. Alternatively, many sites like Fiverr are looking for web developers, and you can see if there are any roles that you want to take.

Wix - Website Builder

Created with Wix website builder

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your website but historically is a labor-intensive activity. When considering how to use AI to make money, ChatGPT can take a lot of this work away from you, making it easier than ever before to make money from your website or blog. AI can help suggest content, teach you how to add affiliate links efficiently, and even help you write reviews. Effective use of AI can help transform your website into a revenue earner in a short space of time. 

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4. Content Creation

An area where ChatGPT and other AI tools really come into their own is in the area of content creation. Using AI, you can create hundreds of blog posts in no time. Plus, you can churn out videos, memes, content plans, and much more to give you more online presence than ever before. AI tools can also optimize your existing content for SEO. There are huge amounts of freelance work available for content creation, and this is one of the easiest ways to use AI to help earn some extra cash.

Prompt example:

In order to attract more customers to our [product or service], I need some ideas for creating content that will make our [product or service] stand out from the competition.

5. App Development

As with many other IT-based activities, app development used to be exclusively carried out by people with extensive coding experience. Now, platforms such as Builder.ai and Google Cloud’s Generative App Builder make creating your own app much easier. You can build an app and use other AI tools, such as content creation tools, to help publicize your app, sell premium subscriptions, and earn advertising revenue. Alternatively, there are websites where you can sell developed apps.

6. Create Digital Art

While many people are getting familiar with what AI tools such as ChatGPT can offer, fewer people are aware of the incredible artwork that can be produced through AI. Platforms such as Midjourney and Canva can help produce beautiful, unique pieces of art in just a short space of time. Branding for companies can be done easily, and you can even do things in hours that would previously have taken weeks and months, such as designing your own comic books. As such, you can make money with AI art.

Midjourney image of camera

Image created with Midjourney 5.2.

Prompt example:

full body shot of a man and a woman kissing. the woman is sitting on top of a table, the man is standing on the floor . they are in a white room

7. Create and Promote Online Courses

Once you’ve learned how to use AI to master a certain topic, there are ways to monetize this. When discussing how to make money with AI, the software can go one step further and help you create, market, and sell online courses to teach others the AI skills you have learned. If you are a beginner and have taught yourself how to use AI tools, you’ll be amazed at how valuable this knowledge can be to others. Use an AI tool to package this into an online course to sell, and you can make money off the back of your learning. 


AI and ChatGPT, in particular, have taken the world by storm, with over 100 million people using the website. We are just getting to grips with what having such accessible AI can offer us, but we do know that using AI to make money is possible. 

We’ve offered several different examples of how to use AI to make money, so check out the different options available, and if anything appeals, then why not give it a try? Remember that these are not get-rich-quick schemes, but there is money to be made with some work and a little luck.



Can I use AI to make money? 

Absolutely! AI tools such as ChatGPT offer many different ways to make money. These include code development, content generation, website generation, design and video editing, and many more.

Which AI job pays the most? 

With the expansion in AI jobs, there are many different avenues where you can earn a good living working in an AI field. Top-paying jobs include machine learning engineer, AI research scientist, natural language processing engineer, and deep learning engineer.

What jobs AI can’t replace? 

Jobs that can’t be replaced by AI include those which require a large degree of emotional intelligence. Jobs such as nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists will be safe from AI for some time. Additionally, jobs requiring manual intervention, such as transportation and heavy equipment operators, cannot easily be replaced by AI. Finally, roles requiring innovation and creativity are not a natural fit for AI replacements.

How long can it take to learn AI? 

If you don’t have a background in data or computer science, then early AI can be tricky. However, many different learning resources are available to help you get to grips with AI.

Written by David Bufton

After graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in accounting, David went on to become a fully certified accountant. Since then, he has amassed years of experience working in and writing for various sectors, including finance, gaming, and telecommunications. Now, he uses his extensive experience and knowledge in business and finance to deliver top-quality content.