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Capital One Spark Cash Plus

Flat-Rate Cash Back

Rewards Value
star 4
Rewards Flexibility
Issuer Customer Experience

Rewards Rate


cash back on every purchase


cash back on purchases for hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel


cash bonus if you spend at least $30,000 (conditions apply)

Welcome Bonus

There’s a one-time welcome bonus of $1,200 to qualifying users.


or Variable APR

Pro & Cons

  • pros icon Unlimited cash back on everyday purchases
  • pros icon Access to free employee cards and virtual cards
  • pros icon Annual fee refund (conditions apply)
  • pros icon No preset spending limit
  • pros icon Many features and benefits for businesses
  • cons icon Must pay off the full balance each month
  • cons icon 2.99% late payment fee based on unpaid balance
  • cons icon No transfers or access checks allowed

Capital One Spark Cash Plus

The Capital One Spark Cash Plus Credit Card is a business card that provides 2% unlimited cash back on every purchase you make. It also comes with a one-time cash bonus, as well as many other benefits designed to help users grow their businesses.


Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards
star star star star star

Good for:

Variable Rate Cash Back Rewards

See your approvle odds

cash back on select purchases (through Uber and Uber Eats) — good through November 14, 2024


cash back on Capital One Entertainment purchases


cash back on rental cars and accommodations purchased through Capital One Travel


cash back on qualifying entertainment purchases, dining, groceries, and popular streaming services


cash back on other purchases


cash bonus when you spend at least $1,000 within 3 months of opening an account


introductory APR on both balance transfers and purchases made in the first 15 months

Cash back

U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card

U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card
star star star star star

Good for:

Rewards variety

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by selecting two categories such as food, utilities, electronics, internet, gyms, or furniture for each calendar quarter.


To receive the cash back, choose one category from options like food, utilities, or electronics each calendar quarter.


Capital One Spark Cash Select

Capital One Spark Cash Select
star star star star star

Good for:

Flat-Rate Cash Back

See your approvle odds

after spending at least $4,500 on purchases within 3 months of opening an account (welcome bonus may fluctuate)


unlimited cash back on business-related purchases


unlimited cash back on rental cars and hotels booked through Capital One Travel

Rewards Redemption

There are several ways to redeem your cash back rewards. One option is to request a rewards redemption in the form of a statement credit or physical check. Another option is to set up automatic cashback redemption once you earn a certain amount of points or at specific times of the year. Alternatively, you can redeem points for gift cards.

Terms, Rates and Fees

The Spark Cash Plus Credit Card by Capital One is a charge card that comes with a $150 annual fee, a $3 or 3% cash advance fee (whichever is greater), and a 2.99% late payment fee of the unpaid amount. There is no annual percentage rate (APR) or interest rate.
This card does not allow for balance transfers or access checks, which may be limiting for some users. Although there’s no exact credit limit, users may only charge the card based on their credit profile, spending behavior, and payment history.
Users must pay off the full balance every month or else get hit with late fees.

Maximize Benefits and Avoid Fees

There are several ways to maximize your benefits with this card, including:

  • Refund the annual fee. An ongoing value of this card is that you can effectively skip the annual fee by spending enough money during the year.
  • Pay the full balance each month. Although there’s no APR, you’ll be charged for any remaining balance if you don’t pay it off on time.
  • Get the welcome bonus. A first-year value with this credit card is the one-time $1,200 welcome bonus. Spend enough money in the first 3 months to qualify.
  • Use Capital One Travel. If you make transactions through Capital One Travel, you can earn higher cash back rewards.
  • Use the card on everyday purchases. Another ongoing value with this card is the 2% unlimited cash back with regular purchases. As long as you can pay off the balance in full each month, these rewards can add up. Say, for example, you spend $100,000 a month on this card. Your estimated annual cash back rewards could be $24,000.

How to Apply

  • Go to the Capital One website, hover over “Credit Cards” at the top of the page, and choose “Business Rewards.”
  • From there, select “Spark 2% Cash Plus.” This will take you to the card’s information page.
  • Select “Apply Now” to start the application.
  • This will direct you to the online application, which takes a few minutes to complete. Provide your personal information, contact information, and some business information. This includes your full name, email address, phone number, SSN, residential address, business role, monthly mortgage or rent payment, and total annual income. You’ll also need to input your business name, its legal structure and address, and additional business information.
  • Continue with the application and review the important disclosures related to the card before proceeding. If everything looks good, you can proceed to applying.

Qualification Requirements

  • Residential address in the U.S. or a U.S. military location
  • 18 years or older with a valid SSN or Individual Taxpayment ID
  • No more than four open Capital One credit card accounts
  • Any existing Capital One accounts are in good standing
  • No Capital One charge-offs or non-discharged bankruptcies
  • Positive payment history with other business credit card accounts



Credit score & credit history

Excellent Credit Score
No non-discharged bankruptcy
No Capital One charged-off credit cards


No minimum requirement


Business ownership


Address must be in one of the 50 US states, Washington DC, or a U.S. military location


SSN or Individual Taxpayer ID number

Required documents


What Makes This Card Appealing?

This credit card is appealing as a business card because of its unlimited 2% cash back on everyday purchases and 5% cash back on select travel-related transactions. It also comes with various business features designed to make running a business easier.