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Capital One Spark Miles for Business

Business Owners

Rewards Value
star 4
Rewards Flexibility
Issuer Customer Experience

Rewards Rate


unlimited miles on business transactions


unlimited miles on hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel


One-time welcome bonus valued at roughly

Welcome Bonus

This business credit card comes with a one-time welcome bonus of 50,000 bonus miles after you spend at least $4,500 on purchases within a 3-month period. It also comes with no annual fee for the first year.


or Max 25.99% Variable APR

Pro & Cons

  • pros icon One-time bonus of 50,000 miles
  • pros icon Earn unlimited miles on business purchases and transactions made through Capital One Travel
  • pros icon $0 annual fee (first year only)
  • pros icon Year-end summaries and purchase records
  • cons icon $95 annual fee
  • cons icon Excellent credit required
  • cons icon High variable APR

Capital One Spark Miles for Business

Capital One offers many business credit cards, including the Spark Miles for Business Credit Card. This particular card comes with unlimited miles on every business purchase you make. Due to its design, it can be especially useful if you travel often for business purposes.


Capital One Venture Rewards

Capital One Venture Rewards
star star star star star

Good for:

Travel Perks

See your approvle odds

miles per dollar on every purchase


miles per dollar on hotel and rental car purchases through Capital One Travel


free lounge visits each year


bonus miles after spending $4,000 on purchases within 3 months of opening an account


credit for either TSA PreCheck or Global Entry


U.S. Bank Altitude Connect

U.S. Bank Altitude Connect
star star star star star

Good for:

Travel Perks

See your approvle odds

on car rentals and hotels booked through the Altitude Rewards Center


at gas stations and EV charging stations


for travel


for grocery delivery, grocery store shopping, dining, and streaming services


on all other qualifying purchases


Capital One Spark Cash Select

Capital One Spark Cash Select
star star star star star

Good for:

Flat-Rate Cash Back

See your approvle odds

after spending at least $4,500 on purchases within 3 months of opening an account (welcome bonus may fluctuate)


unlimited cash back on business-related purchases


unlimited cash back on rental cars and hotels booked through Capital One Travel

Rewards Redemption

Points earned through the Capital One Spark Miles for business card do not expire unless the account is closed. To redeem your miles, you can:

  • Sign into your account, go to the Rewards section, and select “Cover Your Travel Purchases.” This lets you redeem miles for previously made transactions.
  • Call the Rewards Center and redeem your points within 90 days of when you made the travel purchase. The redemption will be posted to your account.
  • Log into travel.capitalone.com and book a flight, car rental, or hotel. Then, use your miles to offset the expense.
  • Request a check, account credit, or gift card.

Terms, Rates and Fees

The Spark Miles for Business Credit Card by Capital One comes with a 25.99% variable APR on all purchases and transfers, regardless of credit score. Cash advances have a 31.99% APR and come with a 3% or $3 fee (whichever is greater).

There’s a 34.40% penalty APR that occurs if you make a late payment. There’s also a late payment fee of $39.

For the first year, this card comes with no annual fee. After that, you must pay $95 each year.
With this card, you have a minimum credit line of $5,000. The maximum credit limit depends on creditworthiness. The monthly minimum payment amount is $15 or 1% of your current balance plus any fees or interest (whichever is greater).

Maximize Benefits and Avoid Fees

  • Take advantage of the welcome bonus. Spend at least $4,500 within 3 months of opening the account to get 50,000 bonus miles (estimated: $500). This is a first-year value.
  • Prioritize your miles reward. For an ongoing value, this card comes with 2x unlimited miles on any business-related purchase and 5x unlimited miles on purchases made through Capital One Travel. For example, if you spend $100,000 a month using this card, you could earn up to 2,400,000 miles rewards that year. This is roughly the equivalent of $24,000. Actual redemption value may vary.
  • Pay off the entire balance. Although the variable APR can be high, paying off your balance every month can prevent interest charges.

How to Apply

  • On the Capital One official website, hover over “Credit Cards” and select “Business Rewards.”
  • From there, scroll down until you see Spark 2x Miles. Select it to be taken to the information page about this card.
  • Review the information and, when ready, click “Apply Now.”
  • The entire credit card application is on one page. In the first part, provide such personal information as your email address, phone number, legal name, date of birth, SSN or ITID, and residential address. You’ll also need to input details about your role in the business, your annual income, and your monthly mortgage or rent payment amount.
  • After that, be prepared to answer some questions about your business. This includes information about your business’s legal structure, name, address, and phone number. It also includes the business’s ownership type, age, industry, your EIN, annual business revenue, and related financial information.
  • Finally, look over the important credit card disclosures and accept them to continue. Review your information and submit the application.

Qualification Requirements

  • Must be the owner of an active business
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a residential address within the United States or a U.S. military location
  • Must have excellent credit and verifiable annual revenues



Credit score & credit history

Excellent (800+ recommended)
No non-discharged bankruptcy
No active credit security freeze
No current credit lock with any of the credit bureaus




Business owner
Full-time, part-time, or seasonal income


US Citizen or Resident
Personal and business address must be in the US or a US military location


Valid SSN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

Required documents

Business documents upon request

What Makes This Card Appealing?

The Capital One Spark Miles for Business Credit Card is a solid option for business owners who travel frequently for business purposes. It’s also a good option for businesses seeking credit cards for their employees.