100k Personal Loans: Find the Best Interest Rates

100k Personal Loan Calculator

An average 100k personal loan with an APR of 4.5% could be split into 60 monthly payments of $1,864.30.
The Total Interest you would pay during this time would be $11,858.12
We have found 11 Lenders that can fit the personal loan you are looking for.
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Personal Loans Calculator

Loan amount


Term in months


Interest rate per year



Monthly payment


Total paid


Interest paid

Month Balance Interest Principal
1 $10000.00 $37.50 $816.29
2 $9183.71 $34.44 $819.35
3 $8364.37 $31.37 $822.42
4 $7541.95 $28.28 $825.50
5 $6716.45 $25.19 $828.60
6 $5887.85 $22.08 $831.71
7 $5056.14 $18.96 $834.82
8 $4221.32 $15.83 $837.96
9 $3383.36 $12.69 $841.10
10 $2542.26 $9.53 $844.25
11 $1698.01 $6.37 $847.42
12 $850.60 $3.19 $850.60

Est. APR:

3.99 - 19.99*

Loan Term:

24 - 84* Months

What You Can Use A 100k Loan For

A loan of $100,000 can get you a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle. It could also get you a mini-celebrity wedding, or many other extravagant goods and services. But a 100k personal loan can also be used for a thorough home renovation.

Use $100k To Pay For A Fixer-Upper

The average cost to completely gut and remodel a house starts at $100,000. Of course, that implies that every little bit of the home needs to be competently overhauled. This is why they are called “gut” renovations, which are normally undertaken for investment purposes. But what about the average family? What kind of home improvement can you get a 100k loan for?

If you want to completely reinvent a large swath of your home, the best home improvement loans could cost your dreams into an affordable reality. While it won’t cover gut remodeling of large homes, it will afford you a mix of practical (or luxurious) improvements for your intended principal residence:

  • Replacing a roof
  • Adding a pool
  • Adding a new room
  • Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms
  • Constructing an additional building
  • Major appliance and utility additions
  • More

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