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30k Personal Loans Calculator – Find the Best Interest Rates

Explore your financing options with our easy-to-use $30,000 personal loan calculator. Discover affordable monthly payments, compare top lenders, and take the first step towards making your big purchase. Start calculating now!

Personal Loans Calculator

Loan amount


Term in months


Interest rate per year



Monthly payment


Total paid


Interest paid

Month Balance Interest Principal
1 $10000.00 $37.50 $816.29
2 $9183.71 $34.44 $819.35
3 $8364.37 $31.37 $822.42
4 $7541.95 $28.28 $825.50
5 $6716.45 $25.19 $828.60
6 $5887.85 $22.08 $831.71
7 $5056.14 $18.96 $834.82
8 $4221.32 $15.83 $837.96
9 $3383.36 $12.69 $841.10
10 $2542.26 $9.53 $844.25
11 $1698.01 $6.37 $847.42
12 $850.60 $3.19 $850.60


An average 30k personal loan with an APR of 4.5% could be split into 60 monthly payments of $559.29.
The Total Interest you would pay during this time would be $3,557.43
We have found 11 Lenders that can fit the personal loan you are looking for.
We welcome you to compare the top lenders and find the one that suits you best or try entering other parameters in the calculator below.

What You Can Use A 30k Loan For

Medical expenses can add up for many people. A Salary Finance survey found that 28% of Americans who have outstanding medical bills owe $10,000 or more.

Use $30k To Pay For Medical Expenses

A medical expenses loan can be used to pay for the bills that aren’t covered by health insurance. This can often include typical emergency procedures and medications. Even ambulance rides can contribute more money than you would expect to your total medical bill.

The point of a medical expenses loan is to supplement the balance of your medical debts that you cannot cover out of pocket. For many people, this can include expensive, ongoing care for chronic conditions or serious diseases. In addition, some medical expenses loan products can be used to pay for your pets’ medical expenses.

You can compare the best medical expenses loans to find a lender that provides the lowest rates while giving you enough time to pay them back. Medical expenses loans can often be for high sums, so the repayment term is an important factor to pay attention to. 

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  • Fixed APR: 6.99 - 35.99%
  • Loan Term: 12-84 months
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  • APR: 8.99-25.81%
  • Loan Term: 24-84 months
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  • APR: 5.99-35.99%
  • Loan Term: 3-72 months
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