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Written by Lauren Le-Hair

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Bestow Life Insurance Review

Bestow takes a unique approach to prodiving life insurance. Unlike its competitors, who have multiple products with riders and different terms available, Bestow has opted for maximum simplicity. The company only offers one life insurance product, but it has found that this product meets most people’s needs. If you are between 18 and 60, want term life insurance for between 10 and 30 years, and don’t need coverage greater than $1.5 million, Bestow’s life insurance could be the one for you.

Bestow Life Insurance Highlight


Coverage Amount

10-30 years

Coverage Term


BBB Rating

Not Required

Medical Exam


Optional Add-Ons

Pros & Cons

  • con-icon Fast and easy online-only application
  • con-icon Competitively priced
  • con-icon No medical exam required
  • con-icon Excellent online reputation
  • con-icon Only one policy with no flexibility or riders
  • con-icon Relatively low coverage maximum of $1.5 million
  • con-icon Permanent life insurance is not available


  • Not available for people over 60 or for residents of New York state

Associated Fees

Buying life insurance with Bestow is straightforward in that there are no hidden fees – there is simply a monthly payment. There are no further associated fees.

Life Insurance Policies and Pricing

As Bestow only offers one life insurance product, the list of requirements and terms is short. To be eligible for a Bestow life insurance policy, you must be:

  • Aged between 18 and 60
  • Not resident in New York state
  • Not convicted of a felony

Bestow offers life insurance terms of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. Unlike most insurance companies, no riders are available, with only basic coverage provided.

Bestow’s website does not show pricing levels; however, the application process is so quick and easy that it takes less than a minute to obtain your quote. When looking into a range of prices, we found that the quoted prices were very reasonable and more competitive than most comparative life insurance available.

How to Get Life Insurance Through Bestow

Impressed by Bestow’s quick, no-frills approach to life insurance, we decided to apply for life insurance coverage. To get started, we had to complete the following basic form, giving our gender, date of birth, height, weight, zip code, and confirm if we were a smoker or not.

After completing this simple form, we were then issued an estimated monthly quote. For example, for a 40-year-old male looking for $500,000 of life insurance coverage for 20 years, we were quoted $36 a month. Overall, this is a very competitive quote in today’s marketplace. We were happy with this amount and chose to proceed with the quote.

At this point, we had to complete a more detailed questionnaire, answering questions about our personal history, medical background, and lifestyle. This took less than 10 minutes to complete, and having all questions online was very convenient. We completed and submitted this, at which point it was sent to the underwriters for approval. Bestow’s in-house underwriting team took less than a day to review and approve our application. On approval from the underwriting team, coverage starts immediately.

The whole application process was as quick and easy, arguably one of the swiftest on the market. As a user, we recommend that you look into Bestow if you are in the market for life insurance.

Online Application Yes
Credit Card Payments Yes
Policy Delivery Method Yes
Online Policy Management Yes

State Availability

- Available in all states

Written by Lauren Le-Hair linkedin-icon

As an experienced content writer, Lauren's passion for the finance sector is only exceeded by her love of writing. With years of experience writing for financial websites, she has honed her expertise and developed a deep understanding of the industry. Lauren specializes in delivering top-quality, specialized content with an expert tone of voice and a unique flair, leveraging her extensive knowledge and expertise. In addition, she holds a First Class Bachelor's degree from Staffordshire University.



What is the maximum coverage provided by Bestow?

Bestow life insurance coverage amounts are provided up to $1.5m.

Does Bestow offer permanent life insurance?

Unfortunately, Bestow only offers term life insurance.

Do I need a medical exam to take out Bestow life insurance?

No, a medical exam is not required. Bestow will ask you questions about your medical history and lifestyle instead.

Customer Support

Bestow has a very active, engaged, and responsive customer support team that you can contact in multiple ways. These include email, phone, and live chat.

We had some questions on age eligibility for Bestow life insurance, so we reached the support team using the live chat function. Before we started chatting, we had to enter our name, email, phone number, and subject matter. We had a response almost instantly, and the customer support agent went out of their way to ensure we were satisfied with our customer experience. It was a very positive customer interaction, which isn’t always the case when dealing with life insurance companies.

Privacy & Security

Bestow has an excellent online reputation. Aside from holding an A+ rating with AM Best (financial stability rating) and an A from the Better Business Bureau, Bestow has a sterling reputation online. It has an unusually high percentage of positive customer feedback from online reviewers, and most complaints have been settled adequately.

Additionally, Bestow stores all sensitive information on secure servers located in restricted-access facilities. Therefore, your personal and financial data is safe.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, if you are looking for life insurance that offers basic coverage and is easy and quick to obtain, you should check out Bestow’s life insurance policies. The application is completely online and there is no medical exam required. It must be noted that Bestow only offers fixed term life insurance, so if you are looking for permanent life insurance, Bestow may not be the company for you.

Brand Disclaimer

Life insurance quotes are provided by Bestow Agency LLC dba Bestow Insurance Services in CA, which is the licensed agent. Term Life Insurance Policies offered by Bestow are issued on policy form LS181 and LS182, or state version including all applicable endorsements and riders, by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®, West Des Moines, IA.
Products or issue ages may not be available in all jurisdictions. Limitations or restrictions may apply. Not available in New York. North American is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best. A+ (Superior), the second highest rating out of 15 categories, was affirmed by A.M. Best for North American Company for Life and Health Insurance as part of Sammons Financial Group on July 29, 2022.
A.M. Best is a large third-party independent reporting and rating company that rates an insurance company based on its financial strength, operating performance, and ability to meet its ongoing obligations to policyholders. Our application asks about your lifestyle and health to determine eligibility to avoid requiring a medical exam.