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Steven Walters


Steven Walters

An affordable, simple to use tax preparation platform
An affordable, simple to use tax preparation platform
About E-file.com

E-file.com is an online tax preparation business in operation since 2014, offering software that allows users to prepare and file federal and state taxes electronically. The software is designed to make tax filing a simple process by using easy-to-answer questions and a logical progression of easy-to-follow steps. Users can even save their progress to come back at a later date and finish their tax preparation. This makes the software even more convenient. In addition to simple tax preparation and filing, the software can also help in filing an extension, and for an additional cost will allow the user to complete and submit the forms for more complex deductions and credits.









E-file.com Tax Relief Review

E-file.com is an affordable online tax preparation software that helps users in preparing and filing their federal and state taxes quickly. It features an easy-to-use interface that guides the user through the tax preparation process using guided questions and answers. While it is easy to use, it is not as robust as other products, and has limited support options. Those who have simple returns, without any complex tax situations will find e-file.com suitable for their tax preparation.

E-file.com Tax Relief Highlights








Max $37





Pros & Cons

  • Cheaper paid options than competitors
  • Educational resources for tax filing
  • Better Business Bureau A+ accredited
  • 4.2 rating on Trustpilot.com
  • Limited free federal tax filing options
  • No free option for state tax filing
  • Additional cost for calculating basic credits and deductions

Tax Relief Service Types

  • Dealing with the IRS
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Audit Representation
  • Federal tax
  • State tax

Brand Certifications & Organizational Memberships

  • N/A

Type of Fees

  • Flat rate

Associated Fees

The basic tax preparation software at e-file.com is completely free. That includes federal tax preparation and electronic filing. If you prefer, you could also print your return and mail it physically to the IRS. That said, there are a number of cases where it will be necessary to upgrade your account to either Deluxe or Premium. The Deluxe option is $20.99 and covers the following:

  • File with Dependents
  • Deduct Mortgage Interest
  • Income Up to 100K
  • Includes Retirement Income
  • Phone & Online Support

There is also a Premier tier which costs $37.49 and covers the following situations:

  • Itemized Tax Deductions
  • All Credit Schedules Supported
  • Business & Personal Income
  • Full Telephone Support
  • Includes IRS Audit Assistance

In addition, there is a fee of $22.49 for filing state tax returns if you need to file for multiple states. That fee applies to each state tax filing.

Application & Handling Process

It is necessary to create an account at e-file.com (which is free) in order to access the software. The process can be easily started by clicking the “Start Here” button on the home page of the website.

This will take you to a basic account creation form where you fill in your email address and phone number, along with selecting a username and password for the account.

e-file application process step 1
Step 1

Get started

And that’s it. It will ask to verify the account via a text message code, however you can skip this step, which is good since we did try to verify the account, but never received a text message with a code.

Required Information

There is no required information for creating an account at e-file.com other than your email address and phone number.

State Availability

Available in all states

Customer Support

Customer support for free users is limited to email. The company does offer telephone support to those who pay for the Deluxe and Premium services. The support telephone number is located in their online account. Since we did not pay for the service we reached out via email with some basic questions. The response came within 24 hours and while they did answer our questions, the answers were not very detailed.

In Conclusion

E-file offers users the opportunity to complete and file their federal tax return for free, however, this is a very basic service. Most users will need to upgrade to the deluxe or premium plan tier. The software also includes support for state tax filing, but there is a fee for the service. For those who are looking for a completely do-it-yourself tax filing product, e-file.com will be acceptable, but those who need hand-holding should choose a higher tier service such as TurboTax, where there is an option to have a tax-professional review or even complete your tax filing as e-file.com does not offer either service.


Is e-file.com a legitimate tax preparation software?
Yes, e-file.com is reliable and safe and is recognized as a legitimate tax preparation software by the IRS.
Does e-file.com offer advanced tax refund loans?
No, e-file.com does not offer advanced tax refund loans.
Does e-file.com support state tax filing?
Yes, e-file.com does support state tax filings for an additional fee.

E-file.com Disclaimer

E-file.com, LLC grants users of this website the following rights provided that they comply with ALL of the usage terms set forth herein. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our terms. The following may be modified without notice.

Users are permitted to use this website and it’s software for personal income tax filing with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state governing bodies. This website and it’s employees, owners or affiliates do not provide tax advice.

This website does not serve as an accountant, CPA, tax agent, advisor or fiduciary in connection your tax return.

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Preparation fees collected on this website are for the calculation of a customer’s tax return. Once a customer pays, they are free to electronically transmit or print and mail their prepared return. We do not guarantee that the IRS will accept a user’s return. The fees charged are for the software to calculate and prepare a tax return not to transmit it. Once a return is prepared we are unable to accept returns or cancellations.

Some users may not be able to electronically transmit their tax return. We will make efforts to assist customers with their electronic filing but in certain cases, customers may need to print and mail their prepared return.

It can take up to 48hrs for the IRS to accept or reject an electronic tax filing transmission. We do our best to notify customers of the responses we receive but also suggest that they return to their account to check the status of the filing.

Visitors must be 14 years of age or older to use the service.

Users are not permitted under this agreement to copy, reproduce, republish, resell, post or distribute in any way the material from this website; attempt to prevent this software from functioning as it was originally intended; access any non-public information stored by the software, website or it’s databases; use the software to perform any commercial service; or use this software in any way other that what it was originally designed and intended for.

We reserve the right to refuse service or make software unavailable to any user, for any reason. These rights may be terminated at anytime and at E-file.com’s discretion if a user fails to comply with any term or condition.

If a user opts to e-file their return, they are consenting to have their information transmitted electronically to the IRS as well as their state.

We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of information which is input or submitted using the software provided on this site. Users are responsible for verifying all information and correcting obvious errors before electronically filing or mailing their return. Users agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless E-file.com and its affiliates from all claims, liabilities, expenses, fees or costs arising from the use of the website or the software provided on it.

Use of this website, the software provided on it or any information found on this website is utilized at the user’s own risk. Furthermore, E-file.com shall not be held liable for damages or and other consequences resulting from the use of this site.

At any time, we may choose to change or discontinue offering our software or other features of this website.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the information, product and service made available on this website meet the user’s specific needs.

No employee or affiliate is authorized to make additional representations or warranties to these usage terms. We do not warrant or guarantee that this website or software provided on it is free from service interruptions, errors, viruses, bugs or any other limitation.


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