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LoanAssist USA Reviews


bestfor-icon Good for small loans

Written by Bob Phillips

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  • Headquarters: 11184 Antioch Rd., Suite 189 Overland, Park, KS 66210
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LoanAssist USA Personal Loans Review

LoanAssist USA is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, and provides personal loans to individuals by matching them with its network of lenders. It is not one of the largest personal loan companies but has a very good reputation.

LoanAssist USA’s main selling point is that it approves smaller personal loans at competitive interest rates than many of its competitors.

LoanAssist USA Personal Loans Highlight


Min Credit Score


APR. Fixed Rate


APR. Variable Rate


Loan Amount

2-72 Months

Repayment terms


Soft Credit Pull


Lender Type


Other Fees


Origination Fee


Prepayment Fee

One business day days

Funding Time

Pros & Cons

  • con-icon Easy, fast lender matching process
  • con-icon Funds are disbursed quickly
  • con-icon Competitive interest rates for those with good credit
  • con-icon Does not provide service to borrowers
  • con-icon Bank account required

Loan Purpose

  • Credit Card Refinance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvement
  • Medical Expenses
  • Vacation
  • Other

Loan Type

  • Unsecured Personal Loans

LoanAssist USA Personal Loans Terms & Requirements

LoanAssist USA offers unsecured fixed-rate personal loans. These loans can be used for any purpose the borrower chooses, from debt consolidation to a vacation. LoanAssist USA’s lenders offer loans for as little as $100 with repayment terms as short as two months.

Applying to LoanAssist USA

Procuring a personal loan with LoanAssist USA is a straightforward 3- step process.

The process is easy and straightforward.

Qualification Requirements

LoanAssist USA has several industry standard requirements for someone interested in a personal loan:

  • Minimum age: 18
  • U.S. citizen
  • Have a valid Social Security number
  • Have a valid driver’s license/state ID
  • Have a regular income
  • Have an open bank account for funding purposes

Required Information

LoanAssist USA requires minimal personal information and the loan amount requested to match you with a lender.

Application Steps & Time Frames

  • Complete the information form: 2 minutes
  • Wait for a decision: typically, within two hours
  • Funding is released in one business day

LoanAssist USA’s process is simple and quick. Funding is faster than many other personal loan lenders.

State Availability

- Available in all states

Written by Bob Phillips linkedin-icon twitter-icon

Having spent over fifteen years helping people plan their lives financially, Bob has a vast amount of knowledge concerning personal finance. During his career, Bob mastered many different financial products to help people achieve their financial goals, including life insurance, disability insurance, mutual funds, and stocks and bonds. He earned the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation and held numerous securities licenses. Bob is an internationally published poet and is now a freelance writer living in North Texas with his wife and Doberman puppy.

Customer Support

LoanAssist USA offers customer support via telephone or e-mail.

We found LoanAssist USA’s telephone support to be very responsive. After being placed on a brief hold by their phone system’s automated attendant, we were promptly connected with a customer support representative.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are vital no matter where you get a loan, but they’re especially important when using a loan marketplace since your data goes to a variety of lenders.
LoanAssist USA uses 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Of course, LoanAssist USA shares your data with its partners, thanks to its role as a personal loan marketplace. The company also uses your data to provide you content you might find interesting and improve various aspects of its website.

In Conclusion

LoanAssist USA is a company that connects borrowers with lenders; it does not lend money itself. The lender provides customer support once the loan is funded. LoanAssist USA does have a customer support phone number to answer consumers’ questions before a loan is funded.

Brand Disclaimer

Terms of your loan will vary based on the amount of the loan and the period of time to repay. Other factors may include the state you live in, your source of income, and your repayment history. Please contact your lender directly for questions regarding your loan.
Loan Example: A $3,000 loan with a 14.99% APR that is repayable in 12 monthly installments would have monthly payments of $270.76 to a total of $3,249.13.
APR for good credit typically ranges from 5.99% to 35.99% and generally will have a repayment term of 3 months to 72 months. Loan amounts under $1,000 will have varying APR’s than what is listed in the represented example above. Please contact your lender for more information.