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David Bufton


David Bufton

The Leading Banking Solution For Immigrants
The Leading Banking Solution For Immigrants
About Sable

Since Sable was founded in 2017, the digital banking platform has gone from strength to strength in a short period of time. While Sable is not a bank itself, the company has its banking services provided by Coastal Community Bank, a mid-sized bank based in Washington.

Sable is headquartered in New York and has made waves in the industry with its low fees and access to banking facilities for people that don’t have a Social Security Number. Sable offers both debit and credit cards, and the banking platform is fully integrated with Samsung, Google, and Apple Pay.









Sable Online Banking Review

Sable has a simple online banking offering, with debit and credit cards available. We will focus on the debit card facility for this review and will break down the account requirements, rates, and T&Cs.

The Sable debit card offers many benefits to users, including cash back, no fees, and global accessibility. Sable even provides a guarantee on international transfers, with Sable’s Best Rate Guarantee matching any better rate found elsewhere. The company also offers an easy-to-use app that is available for iOS and Android.

Sable Online Banking Highlights


Any atm that accepts mastercard



Pros & Cons

  • Available to people without a US SSN
  • Very low fees for international transfers
  • Quick application process (when applications are open)
  • Debit cards don’t currently support contactless payments
  • No interest can be earned with the checking account
  • Limited account top-up functionality

Account Type

  • Checking

Sable Checking Highlights


No minimum

Features Benefits & Rewards

  • No fees
  • Minimum deposits
  • Cashback available

Account Types

Sable only offers customers a basic checking account, which is perfect for people that have recently arrived in the US and are starting to set up their banking facilities. While just one basic product is offered, the account gives customers 1% cashback on most purchases, as well as a physical MasterCard that arrives through the post.

It’s essential to note that the debit card doesn’t currently offer contactless payment. Yet, you can still do all the basic things a standard checking account offers, such as deposit, withdraw from ATMs, set up direct debits, and send bank wires. Unfortunately, there is no option to earn interest on balances held in your Sable checking account.

Account Name Key Features
  • 1% cashback on most purchases
  • An account is available to new arrivals to the US without a SSN
  • No fees associated with the account

Opening an Account With Sable

Sable’s website mentions how quick the online application process is, saying that an account can be opened with the company in under 5 minutes. This is supported by customer reviews online, which are primarily positive in saying how quick it was to open an account with Sable.

However, when we tried to open a Sable account, we were greeted with a message stating that the company is not accepting applications for new accounts at this time.

We reached out to Sable’s customer service team to ask when new applications were being accepted but were not given a definitive timeframe.

sable not accepting applications
Step 1

Currently not accepting new customers

State Availability

Available in all states

Privacy & Security

Both Sable and its banking services provider Coastal Community Bank have an easily accessible privacy policy available to view on Sable’s website. Our review team found the Sable privacy policy possibly the most straightforward privacy policy in the marketplace to review and digest. While many companies have a complicated policy full of legal jargon, Sable’s privacy policy was a two-page document with a simple table laying out how your data is treated.

Our team was impressed with the level of communication from this document compared with competitors. Sable clearly states that your personal information will be shared for everyday business purposes but not for marketing purposes of any sort.

Customer Support

You can reach Sable’s customer service team via phone call or email. There are mixed reviews about Sable’s levels of customer care online, but these are primarily due to the fact that Sable does not offer a 24-hour customer support function.

We sent an email out of hours to Sable’s customer service team to ask when Sable would be accepting new account applications again. Our query was answered within the first hour of the following day, although the response to our question was vague.

Phone Support
(833) 583-8383
9am-6pm EST

In Conclusion

Sable offers easy access to debit card and credit card banking facilities via an easy application and is even available to people that don’t have a US Social Security Number. However, applications for new accounts are currently closed, so the benefits offered by Sable are presently only for existing customers.


Do I need to be in the US to apply for a Sable card?
You don’t need to be in the US to apply, but you will need to provide a US residential address in your name.
Can I transfer money internationally with Sable?
Yes, Sable is partnered with Wise for international money transfers.
Is Sable a legit company?
Absolutely! All money held with Sable accounts is FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Sable Disclaimer

All banking services are provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, according to the license by Mastercard International Inc.

Your Sable account is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. You can apply with your passport and US visa if you are not a US citizen. Please note you must submit an SSN once you receive one. If you are a US citizen, a SSN is required to open a bank account.


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