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Written by Andrew Omalley

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Sproutt Life Insurance Review

Sproutt is the self-proclaimed new kind of life insurance broker. It offers an artificial intelligence-based method for finding consumers the best life insurance policies for their lifestyle and needs. The quick online process makes it easier to get quote estimates, too. But Sproutt goes much further.

As the founders are fond of saying, Sproutt is a service that celebrates life and gives consumers the tools to help them enjoy every day of their lives in as many ways as possible. Providing online tools that cover the health spectrum from nutrition to fitness workouts to emotional health and sleep improvement, Sproutt attempts to help customers create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for themselves to complement their life insurance policies.

Whether you’re into the whole health and wellness kick or not, one thing is for certain. Better health equals lower rates. So, consumers looking to pay less for the life insurance premiums would do well to check out Sproutt.


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Life Insurance Policies and Pricing

Sproutt is definitely not your typical life insurance broker. It’s more like an insurance search engine on steroids. Rather than the cut and dry process, Sproutt has replaced the traditional method for obtaining life insurance with a modern-day, technology-based, and digitally-run process that delivers personalized results. The way this is achieved is with an algorithmic process that Sproutt calls the Quality of Life Index. It assesses your lifestyle and gives customized suggestions on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Topics and tools offered on the website include:

  • Quality of life index
  • Sleep exploration
  • Movement and physical activities
  • Emotional health maintenance
  • Nutrition
  • Balanced lifestyle

This means that Sproutt is the ideal fit for anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle in general. Not appealing? Well, maybe paying less money for your life insurance policy is. If that’s the case, Sproutt is also the right answer for you because the healthier you are, the lower your monthly premiums will be. Win-win.

  • Getting physically healthy
  • Emotional health maintenance
  • Sleep strengthening
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Lower monthly premiums


  • Guided artificial intelligence assessment
  • AI-based life insurance policies
  • Partners with major names in the industry
  • More competitive pricing structure
  • Online application
  • Fast rate quotes

Policy Types, Terms & Requirements

Since Sproutt partners with a wide network of insurance companies, consumers have their pick of the litter (assuming they qualify, of course). Exactly what’s on offer will depend on which insurance provider you choose in the end. This list of partners is impressive; Sproutt has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry, including AIG Insurance Company, North American Company, Security Mutual, Zurich Insurance, and more. There are hundreds of partners within the network.

Life Insurance Requirements

  • Various based on the insurance provider

Life insurance Terms

  • Varies based on a provider
  • Term
  • Whole
  • Universal
  • Variable universal
  • Simplified issue
  • Guaranteed issue

Privacy & Security

Sproutt is a newer company and is backed by Guardian Life Insurance, one of the largest life insurance providers in the country. Sproutt uses technological and administrative security procedures to ensure the security and privacy of its users.

Customer Support

Sproutt has both email and phone support for its customers. You can also reach out during extended business hours. In addition, Sproutt has a small FAQ section on the site that you can look at to answer some basic questions.

How to Get Life Insurance Through Sproutt

Sproutt is all about helping consumers both find the right kind of insurance policy for their needs and lead a healthier lifestyle. In order to help you find the right insurance policy for you, Sproutt asks consumers to fill out a detailed questionnaire. It’s a bit more involved than some applications, but it yields good results. Using artificial intelligence, Sproutt takes the answers to the questionnaire and matches you up with the most suitable life insurance company for your needs and lifestyle. Here’s how the Sproutt application process works:

  • Fill out the application form. Questions are pretty basic, like the one above.
  • Sproutt will generate rate quotes from the top-rated partners for your circumstances.
  • It’ll suggest some options for you, and you can pick the one you like best (or not pick one, there’s no obligation).
  • Click on the one you want to start the more involved application process. This involves questions like, are you an adrenaline junkie, do you have recent traffic violations, and have you ever filed for bankruptcy.
  • Fill out these questions, and Sproutt will scan its network of hundreds of insurance company partners to find the best solution for you.

What’s great about this company is:

  • The selections are tailored to fit your needs and situation.
  • You get multiple options to choose from.
  • You are given tons of information.
  • Sproutt explains exactly why it’s chosen those partners and policy types for you.

If you don’t like the rate quote you’re given, you can click on more insurers to see more options.

Final Thoughts

Sproutt is one of the most thorough and involved search engines available for finding life insurance policies. The company doesn’t just regurgitate a list. It takes you step by step, personalizes your results, and helps you find the best solution for your situation. Sproutt works with a network of reputable and long-standing life insurance providers. There’s something for everyone in the mix. Furthermore, Sproutt doesn’t leave you once you get your policy. What it does is offers loads of health and wellness tools to keep you living a fuller, healthier, and more enjoyable life. Adding tremendous benefit to the life insurance industry, Sproutt gets two thumbs way up from our reviewers.

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- Available in all states

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Does Sproutt have an affiliation with any insurance companies?

Sproutt does not have any direct affiliations with insurance companies as it is an independent broker.

Does Sproutt offer any discounts?

Sproutt does not offer any discounts.

How does Sproutt make money as a marketplace?

Sproutt makes money by getting paid a commission by an insurance company if a user chooses their life insurance policy. The commission stays the same across the board for all insurance companies that work with Sproutt.

Customer Support

The FAQ section at Sproutt is concise but will answer the most common questions that a person might have about this type of offering. You can talk with the support team in many different ways, including live chat, email, and over the phone.

The phone lines are open Monday to Friday during extended hours. You can expect quick and high-quality responses, allowing you to get good resolutions to any problem that you may be having.

Privacy & Security

Sproutt is a newer company backed by Guardian Life Insurance, one of the largest life insurance providers in the country. Sproutt uses technological and administrative security procedures to ensure the security and privacy of its users.

It holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot, underlining its reputation in the space today as a legit life insurance marketplace. The company is always striving to ensure that it has one of the most secure offerings around, only dealing with trusted life insurance brokers.

In Conclusion

When it comes to life insurance marketplaces, you will find it hard to get a better experience than what Sproutt brings to the table. It is a quick and powerful way to find the best life insurance policies for your needs. It also gives you access to an array of exciting tools to help you take your health to another level.

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