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The Home Service Club Reviews


bestfor-icon Affordable Add-on With The Home Service Club

Written by Bob Phillips

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The Home Service Club Home Warranty Review

HSC Home Warranty offers two different types of warranty coverage as well as multiple different add-on options. No home inspection is required, and HSC is one of the most unique home warranty providers in that coverage starts after 10 days, whereas most companies need 30 days to pass before coverage begins.

Home Service Club has over 10,000 experienced professionals on hand to take care of your home system and appliance needs. Plus, its customer service team ranked highly after our interactions with them. While HSC is undoubtedly not the cheapest home warranty company, it prides itself on offering a high-quality product. This, coupled with the quick coverage, means that Home Service Club should be considered if you are looking for a home warranty.

The Home Service Club Home Warranty Highlight


Service Fees

Varies by specific item, shown below

Payout Cap

$75 off + 1 month free!





Home inspection


Other Fees


Origination Fee


Prepayment Fee


BBB Rating



Within 24 hours

Response Time

12 months

Contract Length Available

Pros & Cons

  • con-icon 24/7 Service available online
  • con-icon No home inspection required
  • con-icon No age, make, or model restrictions on eligible terms
  • con-icon Generous guarantees: 90 Days (parts) & 30 Days (labor)
  • con-icon High service fee ($125)
  • con-icon No BBB accreditation

Plan Types


  • Standard Coverage
    Pricing from $50 monthly
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    Pricing from $63 monthly

Optional Add-Ons

Sprinkler system, freestanding freezer, built-in refrigerator, well pump, water softener, jetted bathtub, roof, pool and spa, spa and spa heater, sewage ejector pump, utility and home service line coverage, outside water line, outside electric line, outside sewer line, sprinkler system, outside gas line, and grinder pump.


$75 off + 1 month free!

Payout Limitations

The Home Service Club’s home warranty covers mechanical and electrical issues arising from regular use. However, damages resulting from external events such as impacts or natural disasters are not included in the coverage.


There are fewer exclusions noted than most home warranty providers. Impact damage, lightning damage, insurable events, and other external factors are excluded.

Plans & Pricing

The Home Service Club plans:

Plan Monthly
Standard $50
Comprehensive $63

The Home Service Club coverage:

Item Covered/Plan Standard
$50 monthly
$63 monthly
Air Conditioning
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Plumbing Stoppages
Plumbing System
Water Heater
Built-in Microwave Oven
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Whirlpool Bathtub
Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

The Comprehensive Plan also varies slightly by state, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $60-$65 a month.

For both plans, the above pricing is based on a service charge of $125 being chosen. It is possible to select a reduced service charge amount. However, your monthly payment will increase accordingly.

Optional Extras

Alongside the two home warranty coverage plans offered, HSC Home Warranty offers a wide range of optional extras to include with your home warranty. The following items are available as optional extras:

  • Sprinkler system – $115
  • Freestanding freezer – $60
  • Built-in refrigerator – $60
  • Well pump – $130
  • Water softener – $160
  • Jetted bathtub – £200
  • Roof – $200
  • Pool and spa equipment – $200
  • Spa and spa heater – $200
  • Sewage ejector pump – $100
  • Utility and home service line coverage – $250
  • Sprinkler system – $115

Contracts are for twelve-month periods, and no home inspection is required to take out a home warranty with Home Service Club.

Service Fees

A service fee is charged every time you make a claim and an expert is sent out to your property. Average service fees in the industry are around $75, and HSC Home Warranty charges between $65 and $125 per service fee. Compared to other home warranty providers, this is quite expensive, but the trade-off is swift home insurance and the highest quality services.

Payout Caps

Payout caps vary between appliances and systems, with a different cap amount for different appliances. You should check the payout caps carefully before entering into a home warranty. If you have a top-of-the-range appliance, the cap might restrict how much money you can receive for a new appliance if yours breaks. HSC Home Warranty has the following payout caps in place:

  • Electrical systems – $500
  • Plumbing systems – $500
  • Refrigerator – $750
  • Clothes washer and clothes dryer – $800 each
  • Oven – $750
  • Heating system – $2,000
  • Air conditioning system – $2,000
  • Ductwork – $600
  • Garbage disposal – $350

The Home Service Club : How to Get Started

One of HSC Home Warranty’s unique selling points is how quick it is to get coverage, so we wanted to put this to the test. To start the process, we headed to Home Service Club’s homepage.

We decided to choose the Comprehensive Plan as we wanted the extra items to be covered. This then brought up the payment screen, where we could choose to pay monthly or annually. The process was incredibly easy and fast, and we recommend that anyone looking for a home warranty check out what Home Service Club has to offer.

The Home Service Club : How to Get Started

Multiple options are available for filing a claim with HSC Home Warranty. You can initiate a claim via phone, email, or by logging in online and requesting a service professional. Yet, there is a guarantee that all claims will be addressed within 24 hours.

State Availability

- Available in all states

Written by Bob Phillips linkedin-icon twitter-icon

Having spent over fifteen years helping people plan their lives financially, Bob has a vast amount of knowledge concerning personal finance. During his career, Bob mastered many different financial products to help people achieve their financial goals, including life insurance, disability insurance, mutual funds, and stocks and bonds. He earned the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation and held numerous securities licenses. Bob is an internationally published poet and is now a freelance writer living in North Texas with his wife and Doberman puppy.



Is there a waiting period before my coverage begins?

HSC has a 30-day waiting period before claims can be submitted.

What if my covered system or appliance cannot be repaired?

If a covered appliance or system can’t be repaired, HSC will offer a replacement or suggest other solutions where possible.

Can I change my home warranty plan after I buy it?

You can change it within 30 days of the date of purchase or within 30 days of each consequent renewal.

Customer Support

The Home Service Club provides a toll-free customer service number on its website. When we called customer service, we were connected with a claims representative after being on hold for under one minute.

HSC customers can also submit claims through their customer dashboard, which is accessible on the company’s website.

In Conclusion

The Home Service Club is a relatively young home service company that provides contractors to service its customer’s older appliances and systems. They are easy to contact, and their website is very thorough concerning their service plans. However, many complaints have been lodged online against HSC, and they are not BBB accredited.