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5 One Page Business Plan Templates: For Startups, Restaurants & More

Lauren Brown Updated: January 31, 2024 • 4 min read
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Key Points:

  • A one-page business plan is a concise version of a traditional business plan.

  • A business plan is a crucial component of any successful company. It helps you define your goals, develop a roadmap for achieving them, and secure financing from investors.

  • There are many business plan templates available online. These templates can be a great place to start when writing your own one-page business plan.

Behind every successful company is a solid business plan. Not only does the plan allow you to outline specific goals, but it also helps build a roadmap for how to get there. While you may think developing a business plan needs to be a complicated, time-consuming process, it does not. Many businesses even condense the document into a one-page business plan similar to an executive summary.

Free One-Page Business Plan Templates

There are numerous resources you can turn to for business plan PDF templates to help you get started on your one-page business plan. Whether your company is a mature business, a restaurant, a rental property, or even a cleaning service, there are PDF templates that fit your needs, helping you present your business ideas in a concise manner. If you are starting your entrepreneurial journey, consider downloading a startup business plan template PDF free of charge to streamline your planning process.

Below, you will find free business plan template PDF links for many different company types and information to help answer the question, “What are the 5 elements of a business plan?”

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One-Page General Business Plan

 You can create a general one-page business plan using the structure outlined below, including additional sections for a more comprehensive business plan. Each company is unique, so you will likely need to customize the outline according to your industry and business goals.

Typical sections in a one-page general business plan:

Section title Description
Executive summary A brief overview of the company and its main objectives, including your mission statement and competitive advantages
Business description What you offer to customers (products and services)
Market analysis Overview of your target customers and market trends
Sales and marketing Your marketing strategy, including how you plan to reach and retain your customers
Operational strategy Day-to-day business operations and other organizational details
Financial projections Expected revenues, costs, and projected profits


Download a sample one page business plan PDF

One-Page Startup Business Plan

Creating a business plan for a new venture can be tricky, but it can help clarify your objectives and plan for unexpected events. Not only does a business plan help you define your company, but it can also come in handy for securing financing from investors and lenders.

Typical sections in a one-page startup business plan:

Section title Description
Vision and mission What does the startup aim to achieve? What is its purpose?
Competitive advantage Unique selling points that differentiate your company
Market analysis Insights into market size and customer segments
Sales and marketing Marketing approach for acquiring new customers
Product line Detailed information on the products and services offered
Milestones and timeline Key goals and how you plan to achieve them
Capital requirements Amount of funding required from investors
Financial projections Projected earnings, costs, and break-even point

business plan example

Download a startup business plan template PDF

One-Page Restaurant Business Plan

The business plan for a restaurant is similar to one you create for any startup, as it clarifies the cash flow needed for a successful venture. It also specifies the restaurant's concept, location, menu, and operational details.

Typical sections in a one-page restaurant business plan:

Section title Description
Restaurant concept Vision, theme, and type of cuisine offered
Target customers Target customer profile
Menu highlights A brief overview of signature dishes
Location and layout Strategic placement and interior design specifics
Marketing strategy Tactics to attract customers and promote the restaurant
Operational plan Staffing, vendors, and daily operations
Financial projections  Projected revenues, costs, and break-even point

Download a one-page restaurant business plan PDF

One-Page Business Plan for Rental Property

 With rental property, a business plan is valuable for identifying revenues and possible risks related to the property. Lenders often request a copy of the rental business plan before agreeing to provide financing.

Typical sections in a one-page rental property business plan:

Section title Description
Property Description Type, location, and features of the rental
Target renters Profile of ideal tenants
Rental rates and policies Pricing strategy and leasing terms, including tenant management, utilities, and services offered
Maintenance and upkeep Routine maintenance and emergency procedures
Marketing and advertising Strategies to find and retain tenants
Financial overview Revenue predictions, costs, and profitability                                                                                                        

Download one-page rental property business plan PDF

One-Page Cleaning Services Business Plan

As with any services-based business, a cleaning company can use its business plan to identify growth opportunities and develop pricing structures.

Typical sections in a one-page cleaning services business plan:

Section title Description
Business overview The mission, vision, and objectives of the cleaning service
Services offered Type of cleaning services (residential, commercial, special requests, etc.)
Target market Ideal client profile (homeowners, businesses, etc.)
Pricing strategy Rates for various cleaning services
Marketing and promotion Tactics to attract and retain clients, including potential rewards or discounts for loyal clients
Operational plan Staffing, equipment, and daily operations
Financial projections Revenue forecasts, costs, and profitability analysis

Download one-page cleaning services business plan PDF


A business plan is a crucial component of any successful company. While a detailed document has its place, there are many benefits to using a concise one-page business plan. In this guide, we have examined several one-page templates for different industries. These templates can be a great place to start, but remember that each business is unique, so you may need to tailor the plan to fit your objectives.



Can a business plan be one page?

Yes, a business plan can be a single page. A one page business plan provides potential investors with a clear business overview. You can expand your business plan as needed to include additional sections.

What are the 5 C’s of a business plan?

The 5 C's offer lenders a comprehensive view of your business, helping them make informed decisions. The 5 C’s are character, cash flow, collateral, capital, and conditions.

What are 3 key features of a business plan?

Company overview, market analysis and financial projections.

How many types of business plans are there?

There are 4 types of business plans each serving a distinct purpose: Mini-plan, Presentation plan, Working plan and a What-If plan.

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