Tax relief Articles

8 min read
27 Jul, 2022
Can You Pay Taxes With a Personal Loan?
Some people use a personal loan to pay taxes and avoid federal interest and other tax-related fees. Depending on factors like the amount owed and credit score, a personal loan could end up costing les ...
14 min read
14 Jun, 2022
Are Personal Loans Taxable?
Personal loans are often not considered income and hence are not taxed. There are, however, some exceptions, such as when a lender forgives a portion of a loan or when a balance is settled for a lower ...
15 min read
30 May, 2022
Most Common Tax Forms
For many people, tax season is a time of stress and confusion. With so many different forms and deadlines, it can be difficult to keep everything straight. It may leave you wondering what tax forms do ...
12 min read
16 May, 2022
U.S. Federal Tax Brackets
The term tax bracket refers to a range of incomes that are taxed at a specific rate. The tax brackets for 2022 have not changed in comparison to the previous year, and taxable income is still divided ...
13 min read
17 Apr, 2022
Instructions for filing Form 1120-S: US Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
What is Form 1120-S? The IRS has a particular set of documents used by S corporations to report on financial transactions that occur during the tax year. That’s why we answer the question of what i ...
2 min read
17 Apr, 2022
IRS — Get My Payment
View and Make Payments You can make a payment from your debit or credit card or your bank account. Additionally, you can make a payment without having to log in or create an account. View paym ...
3 min read
17 Apr, 2022
Advance Child Tax Credit Payments
As part of the child tax credit expansion, parents who claimed a child tax credit (CTC) on recent tax returns were able to receive their 2021 credit sooner from the IRS, as long as they qualified. ...
11 min read
28 Mar, 2022
Must Read Guide to IRS Tax Penalties
Understanding IRS Tax Penalties Taxes can be a cause of distress for some and a confounding task for many, especially for those who owe money to the IRS. According to data released at the end of 2021 ...
11 min read
20 Feb, 2022
Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates for 2022
Taxes are on a lot of folks’ minds as we progress into 2022. The tax deadline for the 2021 tax year is looming (April 15), and unlike the past two years, it does not appear that taxes for 2021 will ...