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Angela Mae

Angela Mae

Angela Mae is a personal finance writer specializing in loans, debt management, investing, retirement planning, and financial literacy. She comes from a journalistic background and pulls from hands-on experience and deep-dive research to breathe life into her stories. Her goal is to help others achieve financial stability and independence. When not writing, she can be found traveling, honing her yoga skills, hiking, or exploring new means of healthy, sustainable living.
bankrate-logo Personal loans


Bankrate was first established in 1976 as a lender marketplace for many types of personal finance products. This include...

February 18, 2024
Onetrust-home-loans-logo Mortgage


OneTrust Home Loans is a mortgage lender based in San Diego, California. It was founded in 2008. The company offers a va...

February 11, 2024

Warp Speed Mortgage

Warp Speed Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender that offers home purchase and refinancing to prospective home buyers and ...

February 11, 2024
Business loans


For over a decade, Lendzi has been helping individuals who need financing — particularly small business loans — by c...

February 8, 2024
Found Banking Logo Online banking


Launched in 2019, Found offers business owners access to third-party services and products that make online banking easi...

February 4, 2024
Online banking


Mercury lays the groundwork for ambitious companies to operate at their highest level, with banking and credit cards eng...

February 4, 2024
sofi logo Personal loans


SoFi, or Social Finance, Inc., was founded in 2011 by Stanford business school students. It started as a way to connect ...

January 23, 2024