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The Top Tax Apps and Software for Hassle-Free Filing

Sarah Sharkey Updated: November 5, 2023 • 3 min read
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Key Points:

  • Preparing for tax season can make filing your tax returns easier.

  • Tax apps can make tax preparation a painless process.

  • H&R Block offers tax preseason software to streamline your tax preparations, score a discount on this software through Lendstart.

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. And with it, tax season is right around the corner. While managing your tax preparation might not be the most exciting task, filing your taxes efficiently can make your life easier.

Let’s explore some of the best tax apps that can streamline your tax season obligations.

Recommended Tax Tools for Tax Season

Depending on your situation, filing your taxes can get complicated quickly. The good news is that you can turn to a tax preparation tool to simplify your tax filing season. Below are some of the best tax apps you can use during tax season:

  • H&R Block: H&R Block offers tax preparation software, which allows you to do your taxes on your own time with a step-by-step system to make your life easier.
  • Cash App Taxes: Cash App Taxes offers a free way to file your taxes, even if you have self-employment income. While basic, it might help you get the job done for free.
  • TurboTax: TurboTax offers a straightforward interface to help you file your taxes on time. While taxpayers with simple situations can file for free, those with self-employment income or ample deductions will likely need to pay to work with TurboTax.

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Of course, tax tools offer just one way to get your taxes done for the year. Another option is to work with a tax professional in person. For taxpayers with a complicated situation, working with a tax professional to sort through your individual tax documents might be the right move.

If you are a taxpayer who owes back taxes, filing this year’s tax return is just one issue. You’ll also need to resolve the taxes that you owe. In some cases, working with a tax relief company can help you navigate the system to find a relief option for you. Explore the best tax relief companies if you need that kind of assistance.

HR Block Tax Software: Snag a Discount

H&R Block is undeniably one of the most recognized names in the tax preparation industry. The trusted company has helped many taxpayers file their returns efficiently. If you are looking for worthwhile tax software, H&R Block is worth considering.

Plus, H&R Block is currently offering a 20% discount on its tax software product. As of writing, Lendstart readers can snag this discount when they download H&R Block’s tax software. This discount opportunity is available until April 18, 2024.

How to Prepare for Tax Season

As tax season approaches, it’s helpful to be prepared for it. Below are some ways you can prepare your finances for tax season:

  • Organize your documents: You’ll need many financial documents to file your taxes. Start by gathering the documents you need now, including your W-2 and any 1099s you received for non-salaried work.
  • Decide on a preparation method: Consider whether you want to file out the tax forms by yourself on paper, use a streamlined tax preparation software, or work with a tax professional. In general, taxpayers with a more complicated situation can benefit from tax preparation software or the help of a professional.

The Bottom Line

Tax season might not be the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s a necessary chore for taxpayers across the country. As you prepare for this task, consider leaning on tax preparation software to make your life easier. H&R Block offers one tax software option, which you can get at a discount through Lendstart.

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